20 of The Best King Von Quotes

King Von, an American rapper from Chicago, left a significant impact on the hip-hop scene before his untimely passing in 2020. Here are 20 notable King Von quotes attributed to King Von:

  1. “Growing up where I’m from, we was never taught to love ourselves, to love our brothers, to love our sisters. We was just taught survival.”
  2. “Where I’m from, it’s about your energy, how you carry yourself.”
  3. “I came up off Section 8, but I still made a section eight.”
  4. “I’m from O’Block, where we not scared of no Glock. Where we be on anybody block, and that’s your block.”
  5. “I ain’t gone lie; I got rich but I’m still in the trenches.”
  6. “I can’t switch up; this how I got here.”
  7. “Gotta watch friends, they be plotting.”
  8. “Only the strong survive where I’m from.”
  9. “I’m from the trenches; they don’t know what I been through.”
  10. “Don’t speak on it if you ain’t lived it.”
  11. “We was taught to get money, don’t be out here lookin’ bummy.”
  12. “From the bottom, but I climbed my way to the top.”
  13. “I don’t trust a soul; I can’t let you run off with my soul.”
  14. “It’s the life we live; this just how it goes.”
  15. “A hundred bands later, feel the same.”
  16. “You either with me or against me; there ain’t no in-between.”
  17. “I’m a real street dude; you can see it in my face.”
  18. “Where I’m from, we ain’t never had a silver spoon.”
  19. “I’m really a project baby; I come from nothing.”
  20. “It’s either you gon’ stand up, or you gon’ fold.”

These King Von quotes reflect King Von’s experiences, resilience, and the gritty reality of his upbringing. His words often provided insight into the challenges of growing up in tough circumstances while pursuing success in the music industry.


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Why Was King Von Important?

King Von, whose real name was Dayvon Daquan Bennett, was important for several reasons:

Musical Impact: King Von made a significant impact on the hip-hop scene with his raw and authentic storytelling. His music often reflected the struggles, violence, and challenges of growing up in Chicago, particularly in areas like O’Block. His authenticity resonated with many fans who appreciated his unfiltered portrayal of life.

Street Credibility: Coming from the streets of Chicago, King Von was considered by many as a genuine representation of street life. His experiences and authenticity contributed to his street credibility, making him relatable to those who faced similar challenges.

Storytelling Skills: King Von was known for his vivid storytelling skills. Through his lyrics, he painted pictures of the harsh realities of street life, providing listeners with a glimpse into the challenges he and others faced. His storytelling ability set him apart as an artist who could convey powerful narratives through his music.

Connection with Fans: King Von’s music spoke to people who had experienced adversity and hardship. His relatability and resilience created a strong connection with his fan base, and many admired him not only for his musical talent but also for his ability to articulate the struggles of the streets.

Tragic Passing: King Von’s untimely death in November 2020 added another layer to his significance. His passing sparked discussions about violence in the hip-hop community and brought attention to the challenges faced by artists with ties to street life.

Influence on Drill Music: King Von was associated with the drill music scene, a subgenre of hip-hop that originated in Chicago. His contributions to drill music played a role in shaping the genre and influencing other artists within the Chicago rap scene and beyond.

Legacy: Despite his relatively short career, King Von left a lasting impact on the hip-hop community. His legacy lives on through his music and the influence he had on artists who came after him. Fans and fellow musicians continue to honor and remember him for his contributions to the culture.

It’s important to note that discussions about the significance of artists can be subjective and vary among individuals. King Von’s importance lies in his impact on the music industry, his ability to connect with listeners, and the conversations his life and music sparked.