100+ Most Popular Ariana Grande Quotes To Inspire You

Ariana Grande Quotes

Here are some Ariana Grande quotes for you to be inspired by if you enjoy her music and are aware that she is not only an American singer but also an actor.

Pop artist Ariana Grande mostly appeal to millennial and Generation Z. Her full name is Ariana Grande-Butera. Because she never holds back when expressing her views and promotes the value of self-assurance and self-love, Ariana Grande is inspirational. Her cute visage and speech in Sam and Cat were adored by all of us! We can learn a lot from her now that she’s an independent lady and a full-grown adult.

Ariana Grande is a well-known actress and well-known singer. She is a girl with many talents. One illustration of a beautiful person with skill is Ariana Grande. Her songs are far more well-known. Both her music and acting careers are growing in popularity. Music enthusiasts are quite familiar with her tunes. A music enthusiast will constantly look for lyrics that are relevant to the image while posting it on social media. You can pick from the following subtitles for some of Ariana Grande’s lyrics. Music has a place in the hearts of everyone, young and old. The most popular pastime of the youthful generation is listening to music.

Equal rights for men and women are something the queen herself supports. Without wasting a second, she believes in getting right to the point. Instead of continuously having a worried expression on their face, Ariana advises her admirers to calm out and relax in life! We all adore her tunes, which have consistently topped the Hot 100 lists.

So name a game to play, and I’ll roll the dice, hey.

Somethin’ bout you make me want to do things that I shouldn’t.

But close ain’t close enough ’til we cross the line, baby.

Don’t get mad at me cause you’ve been replaced, know your place.

All girls wanna be like that, bad girls underneath like that.

Wake up in my bed, I just wanna have a good day Think it in my head, then it happens how it should, ayy.

Somethin’ ’bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman.

Tripping, falling, with no safety net Boy, it must be something that you said.

Don’t need permission, made my decision to test my limits.

I’m gonna be your new favorite Tell ’em you closing the door I am the only one for sure, baby.

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I’ve been doing stupid things; wilder than I’ve ever been.

Tonight I’m a baller babe.

Anytime, anywhere, baby boy, I can misbehave.

I’m over here working day and night and if my real ain’t real enough, I’m sorry for you, bae.

Cause tonight I’m making deals with the devil and I know it’s gonna get me in trouble.

Ariana Grande Quotes for Instagram

Ariana Grande Quotes for Instagram

Summer days with my honey, worried ’bout nothing.

Cause tonight I’m making deals with the devil and I know it’s gonna get me in trouble.

I’ve been doing stupid things; wilder than I’ve ever been.

So name a game to play, and I’ll roll the dice, hey.

This is the part where I break free.

Somethin’ ’bout you makes me wanna do things that I shouldn’t.

I’ll take the pleasure, take it with the pain.

Skirt off, keep the high heels on.

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I can tell you’re curious, it’s written on your lips.

All girls wanna be like that, bad girls underneath like that.

Everything you are made you everything you aren’t – In My Head

She might’ve let you hold her hand in school but I’mma show you how to graduate.

Ain’t you ever seen a princess be a bad bitch?

I wanna savor, save it for later.

Blew it out of scale, like my ponytail.

You don’t get what’s mine, and I’m doing fine.

All the drama, boy, it’s overkill.

Center of attention once again.

Ariana Grande Quotes Funny

Ariana Grande Quotes Funny

Ain’t you ever seen a princess be a bad bitch?

Guess it f*****’ just clicked one night.

You are such a dream come true / Make a b**** wanna hit snooze.

Ain’t got enough money to pay me respect.

Keep your hands on me, don’t take them off until I say so.

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I might break up with you just to make up with you.

I’m so fuckin’ grateful for my ex.

Took one fuckin’ look at your face, and now I wanna know how you taste.

Break up with your girlfriend, cuz I’m bored.

Go ‘head, ruin my makeup.

Ariana Grande Quotes Short

Ariana Grande Quotes Short

Baby, you got lucky cause you’re rocking with the best.

I don’t need to live by your rules, you don’t control me.

And if it feels right, promise I don’t mind.

Ain’t got enough money to pay me respect.

Head in the clouds Got no weight on my shoulders.

Own your quirks.

Love your flaws.

Be happy with being you.

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When you feel your best, everybody else can feel it, too.

There’s always tomorrow and it always gets better.

Just a little bit of your heart is all I’m asking for.

I’m so into you I can barely breathe.

Now all my emotions are all ’cause of you.

Why’d you have to be so cute? It’s impossible to ignore you.

Just as long as I’m the name on your tattooed heart.

Ariana Grande Quotes Aesthetic

Ariana Grande Quotes Aesthetic

I have to be the luckiest girl in the world, and the unluckiest, for sure.

It’s not my trauma.

I don’t think we’ve ever been through anything as traumatic as what we’ve been through.

It’s hard to sing songs that are about wounds that are so fresh.

If I’m completely honest, I don’t remember those months of my life because I was…so sad. I don’t really remember how it started or how it finished, or how all of a sudden there were 10 songs on the board.

Ain’t got no tears in my body I ran out, but boy, I like it, I like it, I like it.

I’m a person who’s been through a lot and doesn’t know what to say about any of it to myself, let alone the world.

The light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole.

I can see this stronger, amazing, fearless version of myself that one day I hope to evolve into.

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The day you left me an angel cried.

I’m in love with the pain / I never want to live without it / so why do I try / you drive me insane / now we’re screaming just to see who’s louder.

Misogyny is ever-present, and we have to be there to support one another. It’s about the sisterhood. There’s no competing in that.

I have a lot to say that could probably help people that I do want to share, but I have a lot that I still need to process myself and will probably never be ready to talk about.

Falling, falling, but I never thought you’d leave me.

I cried enough tears/ to see my reflection in them/ and then it was clear/ I can’t deny, I really miss him.

Ariana Grande Quotes Twitter

Ariana Grande Quotes Twitter

Breathe me in, breathe me out, fill me up.

But close ain’t close enough ’til we cross the line, baby.

Anytime, anywhere, baby boy, I can misbehave.

The highlight of my life, just like that Fenty Beauty kit – Make-Up

This is one small step for women, one giant leap for woman-kind – NASA

Boy, you make me make bad decisions.

Can’t you forgive me? At least just temporarily.

Gotta find a way to break the spell to get the hell away from those who block my vision.

Baby, you got lucky cause you’re rocking with the best.

I’m over here working day and night and if my real ain’t real enough, I’m sorry for you, bae.

Baby, you got lucky cause you’re rocking with the best.

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Imma scream and shout for what I love, passionate, but I don’t give any fucks – Needy

I’m no blow-up doll, no free-for-all.

So name a game to play, and I’ll roll the dice, hey.

I got one less problem without ya – Problem

If you don’t want to do the things I need from you, goodbye, and goodbye.

I was a liar, I gave into the fire.

The girl you see in photographs is only a part of the one I am.

Ariana Grande Quotes Inspirational

Ariana Grande Quotes Inspirational

Learn from your mistakes. Take responsibility and forgive yourself.

School is tough sometimes, but it’s all about knowing who your real friends are.

If anyone tries to bully you don’t let them. Take the positive energy from a ball of rainbow power and just, like shove it.

I think it’s so important for girls to love themselves and treat their bodies respectfully.

Don’t ever doubt yourselves or waste a second of your life. It’s too short, and you’re too special.

One of the most terrible feelings in the world is knowing that someone else doesn’t like you. Especially when you don’t know what you’ve done to deserve it.

The best part about having true friends is that you can go months without seeing them and they’ll still be there for you and act as if you’d never left!

Friendly reminder to be nice to yourself. We often make things harder for ourselves than they actually are. Be good to your brain.

The best fashion advice I’d say would be just to do what makes you comfortable and what makes you feel cute.

We have to lift each other up, not try and claw each other down.

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The thrill of not knowing what’s going to happen trained me to be prepared for anything.

I don’t really believe in any fashion rules. I think fashion is a form of self-expression, wear whatever you want.

Some people will find any reason to hate, don’t waste your time. Lighten up! It takes so much less energy to smile than to hate…enjoy life.

Know that you are just as perfect as anyone else, exactly as you are.

Only be with somebody if they make you feel like the best version of yourself. You can’t sacrifice yourself for anybody, you know?

Ariana Grande Quotes about Love

Ariana Grande Quotes about Love

One taught me, love, one taught me patience, and one taught me pain.

I appreciate people exactly how they are, there isn’t a certain kind of beauty that I look for or appreciate or one thing [that] is more beautiful than the other. I love people’s uniqueness, I love the quirky, weird, and interesting — different things about everybody.

A lot of people forget about the whole self-love thing when they’re in love, and both are imperative.

One last time I need to be the one who takes you home.

I’ve never looked at love as something that I need to complete me. I would like to be complete on my own first and fall in love with somebody who is also complete. You can still celebrate and be totally obsessed with each other, but I want to feel a 100% myself so that I can love that person better.

Love comes in many different forms. You can love somebody and not be in love with them. They can break your heart and you can cry over it but still not be in love with them. Love is a really peculiar thing.

And we almost knew what love was, but almost is never enough.

Love is a really scary thing, and you never know what’s going to happen. It’s one of the most beautiful things in life, but it’s one of the most terrifying. It’s worth the fear because you have more knowledge, experience, you learn from people, and you have memories.

What you don’t understand is falling in love wasn’t part of my plan.

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You should feel grateful and happy that you’re healthy, you’re alive, and that you are loved. Whatever weight you are, whatever situation you’re in, whether you have a breakout, whatever it is — you are loved.

Unconditional love is not selfish. It is wanting the best for someone even if at the moment, it’s not you.

This is how I meet people — I can’t just, like, meet someone at a bar. I live fast and full-out, and I make mistakes, and I learn from them and I’m grateful no matter what happens.

If you know how to be my lover maybe you can be my baby.

How absurd that you minimize female self-respect and self-worth by saying someone should stay in a toxic relationship…I am not a babysitter or a mother and no woman should feel that they need to be.