Best 80 + famous Mermaid quotes Sayings Taking about mermaid

Best 80 + famous Mermaid quotes Sayings Taking about mermaid

A Mermaid is a fabulous critter with the head and upper side body of a woman and the tail of a fish Mermaid quotes embody these descriptions. Mermaid legends date back thousands of times and are planted in lifestyles across the world, from littoral communities in the myth of legion lives and traditional worldwide, including Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Mermaid is a combination of the words “ bare” (Old English for ocean) and “ maid” (a girl or immature woman). The naiad’s trademark is as fluid as the water itself, with such a long and varied history. The naiad represents life and fertility in the ocean in certain civilizations.

Mermaid quotes, In others, she represents the water’s deadly power, seducing mariners to their deaths and serving as a boding of storms, rough swell, and calamity. We’ve collected some notorious naiad quotes that you can read and partake in on social media that add your ocean photo. I am sure you can enjoy the read the mermaid quotations.

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Inspirational Mermaid Quotes


Your soul is so bohemian, free, and gypsy wild. Come swim with me in the calming sea, let’s be mermaids for a while.

I must be a Mermaid. I have no fear of depth and a great fear of shallow living.

There are people all over the world who carry the mermaid inside them.

The turquoise tide shimmered in shades of mermaid tails against the alabaster shore.

We are the glamorous mermaids in the ocean that offers us another magical journey.

The mermaid is an archetypal image that represents a woman who is at ease in the great waters of life, the waters of emotion.

When you love someone completely, you’ll do anything to protect them, even if you sacrifice your soul. Because if you don’t, you destroy your soul anyway.

Where there’s water, we find mermaids.

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Like a mermaid in seaweed, she dreams awake, trembling in her soft and chilly nest.

What you have to understand about the mermaid legend is that it’s universal. No matter where you go, the mermaids got there first.

Be a mermaid who doesn’t stop until she makes tidal waves. be a mermaid who knows to stop before she devastates the world with her.

She is water, powerful enough to drown you, soft enough to cleanse you.

Maybe I’m still the mermaid. Maybe the ocean is your hand.

One day, in its own time, the ocean will give her back.

I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk on the beach.

The safest way to get what you want is to deserve what you want.

The mermaids came to me finally, in the pink hours of my existence. They are my consolation.

Way down to the bottom of the ocean to find where the mermaids sang, each to each. Where there was danger and beauty and light.

Adorable Mermaid Quotes


On the power of another hangs her eternal destiny.

Mermaids are not the monsters you humans think we are.

The sea always filled her with longing.

But a mermaid has no tears.

Maybe I would become a mermaid…My fingernails would be tiny shells and my skin would be like jade with light shining through it. I would never have to come back up.

I’ll drown more sailors than the mermaid shall.

Newly come from the river, she knew nothing. She was a mermaid who had lost her way.

I felt a little like a mermaid, rendered voiceless by her longing.

Your soul is so bohemian, free, and gypsy wild. Come swim with me in the calming sea, let’s be mermaids for a while.

They were beautiful dark lakes in which her thoughts swam about like mermaids.

You’ve never tasted salty air on your tongue or waved heartily at a mermaid!

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

She is a mermaid but approaches her with caution. Her mind swims at a depth most would drown in.

Little Mermaid Quote


Someday I’ll be part of your world.

Life is the bubbles, under the sea.

I don’t see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad.

Isn’t this great? The salty sea air, the wind blowing in your face. A perfect day to be at sea!

Who says that my dreams have to stay my dreams?

What would I pay to spend a day warm on the sand?

You got your style, now let it shine through, and remember no matter what, you’ve got to be you.

She laughed and danced with the thought of death in her heart.

And I am here, the mermaid whose dark hair streams black, the merman in his armored body.

I thought of Atargatis, the First, frightening and beautiful. The mermaid goddess who lived on in the soul of every woman who’d ever fallen in love with the ocean.

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Like a mermaid rising from an ocean of paper, the girl emerged across the room.

A mermaid found a swimming lad, Picked him up for her own.

Don’t interrupt. She knows the words that mermaids taught her…I’m falling asleep to hear her…My heart aches because I wasn’t you when you dreamed at the seashore.

I love water and you said, you thought a mermaid, maybe. If you were a mermaid, you said, I was the sea.

I’ll swim through the Earth, like a mermaid of the soil, just to be next to your bones.

My ocean is bluer than the heart you had to break; My sea is deeper than your lake.

She would be half the world away, floating in a turquoise sea, dancing by the moonlight.

She is a mermaid on dry land and the world is her ocean. Her mind swims at a depth most would drown in.

She dreams of the ocean late at night and longs for the wild salt air.

As the sunlight flickered along with her scales, the mermaid shimmered.

The stars twinkled above her brilliantly, representing all of the beautiful laws of the universe.

Funny Mermaid Quotes


Since the nineteen-fifties, rural Florida has marketed itself to Northerners and Midwesterners as an unexplored paradise of citrus and mermaids.

The difference between a Miracle and a Fact is exactly the difference between a mermaid and a seal.

First of all, never call a mermaid a fish unless you’re trying to insult her.

Now and then a giggling trail of mermaids appeared in our wake. We fed them oatmeal.

We gave you an atomic bomb, what do you want, mermaids?

Fishermen dream of great dripping trout, shapely and elusive as mermaids, and arise cranky and haggard from their fantasies.

My advice: don’t go eating random herbs unless you want to turn into that guy from The Little Mermaid.

It was like falling down an elevator shaft and landing in a pool full of mermaids.

Managing a league club is like making love to a mermaid… you should always be aiming for a top-half finish.

I’ve got a swimming pool and I pretend to be like a mermaid, like in the middle of the night. It kind of de-stresses me.

Cowards marry fish-head mermaids!

The first rule of the cannibal mermaid fight club is don’t talk about the cannibal mermaid fight club.

The Siren waits thee, singing a song for song.

I sing the small sea siren who sings to you, riding her bicycle of corals and conches. The light that blinds our eyes is not art. Rather it is love, friendship, crossed swords.

Sirens lurk in the dark depths of the pupils as they lurk at the bottom of the sea.

If the bards of old the true have told The sirens to have raven hair. But over the earth, since art had birth, They paint the angels fair.

Short Mermaid Quotes


Six pull-tabs lay in the ashtray like scales from a mermaid.

If you sing to the mermaids, they come when you’re drowning.

Aye, though mermaids are.

O, train me not, sweet mermaid, with thy note, To drown me in thy sister’s flood of tears.

People want to believe in mermaids.

I always wanted to be a mermaid but I never saw the sea.

The ocean has a rhythm, but it has no heart.

But all the magic I have known I’ve had to make myself.

Ebbing and flowing And pushed by a breeze live to make you free. I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each. I do not think that they will sing to me.

Write your secrets in the sand and trust them with a mermaid.

Mermaids don’t lose sleep over the opinion of shrimp.

You don’t need to be pretty like her. You can be pretty like me.

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a mermaid. Then be a mermaid.

Enlightenment is when a wave realizes it is the ocean.

It doesn’t matter who believes in you as long as you believe in you

I do believe in mermaids!

Stay focused and extra sparkly

And suddenly you know: it’s time to start something new and trust in the magic of beginnings!

Talk with people who make you see the world differently.

No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true!

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Best 80 + famous Mermaid quotes Sayings Taking about mermaid

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