Best 80 + Scream Quotes and Saying About The Scream Movie


Scream Quotes,Scream, which also officially launched in 1996, was one of the greatest highly regarded horror movie franchises in history. Well here is the latest information on those highly amusing and still perilous Scream Quotes. Comment on this thread storyline, around a disguised murderer terrorizing youngsters, is probably one of the greatest main character, creative and innovative ‘kills,’ dismemberment, and several of the perfect forms of communications in any movie franchise.

Lines in the Scream films aren’t always entertaining, and several have gotten to be instantly recognizable. They’re also worth consideration! A common Scream franchise would include not just five films, but as well as a television series and a platformer to place someone’s nerves to the test. We’ve encountered probably numerous famous scenes and heard different amazing quotes from the main character in characters in the four films so far during the franchise. Some have been extremely funny, and many were compelling to watch, helping to make them unforgettable.

Scream is among the most classic horror franchises. Here are some famous Scream Quotes and sayings to read and share with Facebook friends, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Scream Quotes Sidney


You forgot the first rule of remakes, generation. Don’t do with the original –Sidney

Why would you be calling from my front porch? –Sidney

Randy, that’s so unoriginal. I’m disappointed in you. –Sidney

In your dreams! –Sidney

But this is life. This isn’t a movie. –Sidney

Ah, Stu, Stu, Stu. What’s your motive? Billy’s got one. The police are on their way. What are you going to tell them? –Sidney

Why can’t I be in a Meg Ryan movie? Or even a good porno. -Sidney

Not so fast, we’re going to play a little game. It’s called: Guess who just called the police and reported your sorry motherfu**ing ass! -Sidney

How do you gut someone? –Sidney

I am sorry if my traumatized life is an inconvenience to you and your perfect existence. -Sidney

I can’t, Billy. You already cut me too deep. I think I’m dying here, man! -Stuart

Would you settle for a PG-13 relationship? –Sidney

Oh, so you thought you would climb through my window and have a little raw footage? –Sidney

I’ll send you a copy. BAM! B*tch went down. I’ll send you a copy. BAM! Syd! Superb**h! -Tatum

You’re not going to pee alone anymore. If you pee, I pee. Is that clear? -Tatum

Billy and his penis don’t deserve you. -Tatum

You sick f**ks. You’ve seen one too many movies! –Sidney

Randy Scream Quotes


I never thought I’d be so happy to be a virgin. -Randy

There are certain rules someone must abide by to survive a scary movie. -Randy

Corn syrup. Same stuff they used for pig’s blood in Carrie. -Billy

Was that before or after he sliced and diced?! –Randy

Everybody’s a suspect! -Randy

The police are always off track with this s**t! If they’d watch Prom Night, they’d save time! There’s a formula to it. A very simple formula! -Randy

If you were the only suspect in a senseless bloodbath – would you be standing in the horror section? –Randy

It’s the millennium. Motives are incidental. –Randy

It certainly would improve your high school ‘Q’. –Randy

Don’t ever, EVER say I’ll be right back, ‘cause you won’t be back. -Randy

Listen up. They found Principal Himbry dead. He was gutted and hung from the goalpost on the football field. –Randy

Second, you can never drink or do drugs. -Randy

Fairness would be to rip your insides out and hang you from a tree. -Principal Hembry

That is so sexist. The killer could easily be female. Basic instinct. -Tatum

You’re not scared, are ya? -Dewey

Who am I, the beer wench? -Tatum

If I’m right about this, I could save a man’s life. Do you know what that would do for my book sales? -Gale Weathers

Guess I remembered the safety that time, bastard. -Gale Weathers

People treat me like I’m the anti-Christ of television journalism. -Gale

No, please don’t ‘off’ me, Mr. Ghostface, I wanna be in the sequel! -Tatum

What’s Leatherface doing here? -Randy

Scream 2022 Quotes


I’m sorry Deputy Dewey-boy, but we’re ready to go. Now! Okay? -Tatum

Looks like you fingered the wrong guy, again. -Stuart

My name isn’t Jesus. -Kenny

Janitors are the superior. -Tatum

Looks like you fingered the wrong guy, again. -Stuart

Jamie Lee was always a virgin in horror movies. She didn’t how her t**s ’til she went legit. -Randy

My mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me! -Stuart

See, you push the laws, and you end up (gone). Okay, I’ll see you in the kitchen with a knife. -Randy

We’ve already played that game. Remember? You lost. -Billy

You wish it was Ted. Don’t forget to set the alarm! -Ghostface

I never said I was in YOUR closet. -Ghostface

Well, a ‘serial killer’ is not accurate. Gotta knock off a couple more to get that title. -Dewey

Name the killer on Halloween. -Ghostface

More of a game. Can you handle that… blondie? -Ghostface

Scary night, isn’t it? With the murders and all, it’s like right out of a horror movie or something. -Stuart

You make me so sick. Your entire havoc-inducing, thieving, whoring generation disgusts me. -Principal Hembry

Listen, it was Jason! I saw that movie twenty goddamn times! -Casey

I know. I should be in New York covering the Sharon stalker, but who knew? -Gale

I’ll be right back! -Stuart

Jesus, the camera, hurry! -Gale

Sorry ,Billy. I guess I got a little too zealous, that’s all. -Stuart

Her dad’s out of town, all right. She’s staying with us tonight. -Tatum

You take a knife and slit them from the grown to the sternum. -Stuart

Peer pressure. I’m far too sensitive. -Stuart

Are you alone in the house? -Stuart

Billy Loomis Quotes


I wouldn’t dream of breaking your underwear rule. –Billy

Yeah but let’s face it, Sidney…Your mother was no Sharon Stone, huh? -Stuart

I’ve got an ending for you. The reporter left for dead in the news van, comes to stumble on you two dipsh*ts, finds the gun, foils your plan, and saves the day. -Gale

It occurred to me that I had never snuck through your bedroom window. -Billy

What’s the matter, Sidney? You look like you’ve seen a ghost. -Billy

What do I have to do to prove to you that I’m not the killer? -Billy

Did we ever find out why Hannibal Lecter likes to eat people? I DON’T THINK SO! See, it’s a lot scarier when there’s no motive, Sid. -Billy

Watch a few movies; take a few notes…it was fun! -Billy

Skeetkeet Ulrich as billy

Look, here comes the obligatory tit shot. -Randy

They’ll never make it in time. We’re out in the middle of nowhere. -Stuart

Think he did it? -Dewey

Oh, God, Kenny. I’m sorry but get off my f**king windshield! -Gale

Only you can pick your genre. -Billy

You get one right, you die. -Billy

Cut Casper, that’s a wrap! –Tatum

Ghostface Quotes


What’s your favorite scary movie?

If you want to be in the hospital, I’d be happy to put you there—in the f*cking morgue!

It’s always hard being friends with you, Sidney. When you’re friends with Sidney, you die!

You should never say ‘Who’s There?’ Don’t you watch scary movies? It’s a death wish.

This isn’t a comedy, it’s a horror movie. People live, people die, and you better start running.

I only hear you too, Sidney.

I never said I was in your closet.

Hello Sidney, It’s an honor.

Welcome home, Sidney. Preview of events coming.

We’ll rip you up, you b*tch, just like your f*cking mother!

I think I have just enough time to slice someone open!

The question isn’t, who am I? The question is where am I?

Have you ever felt a knife cut through human flesh and scrape the bone beneath?

What you really should be asking is, did you just lock me in or out?

Scary night isn’t it? With the murders and all. It’s like right out of a horror movie or something.

There are two main doors to your house. The front door and the back patio door. If you answer correctly, you may live. Very simple.

It was a simple game, Cotton, you should have told me where Sidney was. Now you lose! 24. That’s right—you gave it up. Now you’re no longer a virgin Ooh! I said ‘virgin’ Whoops! Now you got to die, those are the rules.

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