50+ Fear of losing someone you love quotes

Fear of losing someone you love quotes

When someone is in a true relationship there will be always one fear in her/his mind and that is losing him/her. And this is naturally happening. To let your partner know about your fair you can use different techniques like sending him/her “Fear of losing someone you love quotes” or Fear of losing you messages. By doing this you have pitched your fear in your partner’s heart.

Despite love with the boyfriend or girlfriend, we all have a family and we all love our family. And sometimes we also feel the fear of losing one of our family members which we love most. To express if you don’t have words then you can use these Fear of losing someone in a relationship quotes. These quotes have built-in words which can interpret your heart’s feelings.

You can use different sources to send these quotes to your loved one. The most common platform nowadays is Facebook. You can post it on his/her wall, or if you want to make this private then you can simply inbox this on his/her messenger. WhatsApp is also a good option. A mobile text message also can do your work. For family members, you can use sticky papers to deliver these thoughts of losing you quotes

Fear of losing someone you love quotes

best Fear of losing someone you love quotes

These “scared of losing you” quotes show us that the fear of losing someone we value and cherish is real.

My worst fear is losing your love

I just didn’t lose you, I lost my entire life.

Day after day, the echoes of losing you resonate in my bones.

That was the first time I realized that I’d fallen in love with him. I loved Justin, More than a friend, more than anything. I was so mad at myself. My biggest fear was losing him. It hit me that it was going to happen someday. Maybe it was already happening.

But death does not stand at the end of life, it is all through it. It is the fear of losing, the knowledge of losing that makes love tender.

Don’t discount yourself, no matter what you’re doing. Everyone has a unique perspective that they can bring to the world.

My biggest fear in life is losing the people I love, and the thing with cancer is that it seems that you can’t really control it

The more we love, the more we fear. Rejection, or what others might think, these are just the beginning. In a perfectly happy relationship, we fear losing the other person to disease or chance.

Everyone is afraid of something. We fear things because we value them. We fear losing people because we love them. We fear dying because we value being alive. Don’t wish you didn’t fear anything. All that would mean is that you didn’t feel anything.

I’m scared to lose you quotes for him

Im scared to lose you quotes for him

How can I live without you, you are my life and my dreams. I am afraid to lose you.

I have met so many people but there is none like you. You are unique in every way. So different that no one can compare the impact that you have made in my life. Every day when I see you walk away, I am afraid of losing you.

I am thankful you came into my life. You have contributed positively to my well being. I can’t even explain how I feel. You have made me know how to love by showing me your affection, though I am afraid of losing you because I love you so much.

Every day I crave your love, I want you in my heart forever. Darling, please don’t ever stop loving me. I am afraid of losing you

My love, I am afraid of reality. I am really afraid of losing you. Please come to me and let’s make things right.

You have given me the peace, hope, and love I have ever wanted in life. I am so afraid to lose you.

I am afraid of losing you because I cannot stand seeing you with another person.

You are the missing piece in my life, am so afraid to lose you.

I never thought I would call you mine, but now I am afraid to lose you.

I don’t ever want to be alone. Darling, I’m scared of losing you.

Fear of losing someone in a relationship quotes

Fear of losing someone in a relationship quotes

We are born in twos and we are searching, searching for the other piece that other person to guide us home.

Love should not break you — love should build you. It should encourage you, it should inspire you to be exactly who you have always wanted to be.

If we’d never met, I think I would have known my life wasn’t complete. And I would have wandered the world in search of you, even if I didn’t know who I was looking for.

I saw that nothing was permanent. You don’t want to possess anything that is dear to you because you might lose it.

It’s you. When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me is you.

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Sometimes I think soulmates are someone who can make you the most you can possibly be.

I don’t have to say a word. She just looks at me and sees who I am and how I feel and accepts it. She doesn’t try to change it or want to change it. That person. There are a billion people but I imagine there’s only one of her

You do your thing, I do mine. You are you, and I am I. And in the end, if we end up together, it’s beautiful.

I believe that when you find love, you hold on to it and you cherish it. Because there is nothing finer and it may never come again.

My biggest fear is losing you quotes

My biggest fear is losing you quotes

I have grieved so much, but loss does not dim with practice. If anything, it gains momentum.

Nobody talks about the other loss, the loss that happens within us. We lose people and things, but we also lose parts of ourselves. We grieve those missing parts too. We grieve them, and we grieve us. But I think losing those parts creates space. For newness. For understanding others’ hurts and welcoming them into our free spaces.

If you live long enough, a lot of people close to you are going to die.

What I keep thinking about is that… it’s a long time ahead of me without her. My whole 20s. And 30s. And the rest of my life. How am I supposed to do all that? It was so early.

In all probability there is someone out there that is almost exactly the same as the one you just lost, except they area a little bit taller, a little bit kinder, and a whole lot better in bed.

I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you in my life.

I need you to love me for the rest of my life.

You can see it in their eyes when someone is afraid to lose you.

I fear to lose you, but I’m also afraid of loving you.

Don’t tolerate unacceptable behavior just because you’re afraid of losing someone.

The thought of losing you quotes

Having something and losing it, it’s so much crueler than never having had it.

The day you lose someone isn’t the worst -at least you’ve got something to do- it’s all the days they stay dead.

The effects of loss are acute, and unique to each individual. Not everyone mourns in the same way, but everyone mourns.

Knowing you was like finding out the secrets of the universe and leaving you is like being expected to somehow forget them all.

Please stay with me, don’t close the door of your heart. I don’t want to lose you

What hurts more than losing you is to knowing that you’re not fighting to keep me

How can I live without you, you are my life and my dreams. I am afraid to lose you

Darling, I am not prepared for this, I don’t want to lose you. I am afraid of losing you.

But the worst thing about losing you was that you took my heart with you.

I’m afraid to lose you. But I can promise you that you don’t have to be afraid of losing me.

When a man is afraid of losing you quotes

It is wisest to be impartial. If you have health, but are attached to it, you will always be afraid of losing it. And if you fear that loss, but become ill, you will suffer. Why not remain forever joyful in the Self?

You just need to be honest with how you’re feeling. But, a lot of women are afraid of it because they think, ‘Oh, they are going to take my baby away. They’re gonna call me incompetent. I’m going to lose my job. I’ve got to be tough, it’s a man’s world.’

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Don’t be afraid to lose her, because if a woman truly loves you, she not going anywhere

I’m so afraid to love you, but more afraid to lose. Clinging to a past that doesn’t let me chose

If you try to lose weight by shaming, depriving and fearing yourself, you will end up shamed, deprived, and afraid. Kindness comes first. Always.

When you’re poor, you have nothing to lose and be afraid of. Holding onto the dream and having nothing to lose is what helped me succeed

You have completely changed my life, you are my everything and I am scared of losing you.

I am afraid of losing you because no one can fit into your place.

I cannot give up on anything, you are my true king and I’m scared to lose you

Sweetheart, am scared of losing you. I have built my world around you and I never want it to crumble.