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A comedy-thriller adaptation of the famous story of Freaky Friday in which two people trade bodies is called Freaky. While being highly frightening, Freaky is also very humorous. I’ve therefore put together a list of the Freaky quotes movie. A brand-new horror film called “Freaky Quotes Movie” will soon be available.

An unusual, weird, or odd film is referred to as being “freaky.” It might be frightful, uncomfortable, or upsetting. Even though it might be, a spooky film isn’t always a horror one. A spooky movie could simply be one that surprises you, is unusual, and makes you feel nervous or apprehensive. A group of pals explores a string of bizarre and ominous quotations that have been popping up all across town in the movie. They begin to suspect that they could be in over their heads as they attempt to identify the source of the quotes.

We feel nervous and get a bad feeling from watching scary movies for some reason. They frighten us to the core and make us doubt our own sanity. Although we know it will leave us feeling uneasy and frightened, we can’t help but watch. We find it difficult to forget scary movies, despite our best efforts. Long after the last credits have run, they continue to haunt us, making us jump at even the smallest noises. Despite knowing that they will leave us feeling afraid, we watch them because we can’t resist the suspense. Freaky Quotation Movie is certain to give you the shivers thanks to its eerie ambiance and jump scares.

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Freaky Quotes Movie


You are to the point of driving a holy person to frenzy or a lord to his knees.

I got my eyes on you. You’re all that I see, I need your hot love and feeling. Interminably.

Would I be able to let you know that in my eyes not even God could be adequate to order you?

Disregard all that encompasses you. Imagine that there’s simply you and me in this wide world.

I truly need to kiss you, and not simply on the lips.

Each young lady has a freaky side; you simply need to track down it.

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On the off chance that we kiss and I grin in the middle, we going to sin.

Save me from the positions of the oddities who presume they can never cherish anybody.

I truly need to kiss you, and not simply on the lips.

Leave love noticed all around your indentations are the signs I need to get.

You and I are two hearts, cutting to one thump and I love our mood.

It doesn’t matter at all to me how little or large they are, bugs freak me out.

The best duplicity men experience the ill effects of their own perspectives.

Funniest Freaky Movie Quotes


The night is still ending in tragedy. – Charlie

I love your black wiener Mr. Daniels – Josh

Your mom’s superpower is guilt. – Josh

I’m not landing that plane or any plane. – Millie

Please don’t be the butcher, please don’t be the butcher, please don’t be the butcher. – Millie

Oh my God, why do I sound like that? – Millie as Barney

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You can totally tell me, I’m like the most trustworthy person.

It smells like hotdog water. – Millie as Barney

I’m a giant. I’m a giant -Millie as Barney

Maybe we let her be weird for a day. – Josh

Everyone’s tired. We’ve done lots of hitting. It’s time to talk. – Millie as Barney

Standing and peeing are kind of rad. – Millie as Barney

You’ve got to see this it’s like a floppy eater. – Millie as Barney

Oh my God did you just pee yourself? That’s disgusting. – Millie as Barney

Freaky Quotes



I want to be freaky yet just with one individual you feel me.

Since the time I met you, no other person is even worth contemplating.

Relatively few individuals can blow my mind, yet you don’t need to attempt.

I generally have numerous streets to travel, yet I take the one which prompts you.

Allow your cravings to be administered by reason.

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I’m an oddity in the fondest manner conceivable.

What time do you need to be back in paradise?

On the off chance that you were a tear, I could never cry in apprehension about losing you.

The manner in which you check out me, the manner in which you contact me, the manner in which you bother me makes me insane.

Why can’t I just have a normal life? – Josh

Who knew Millie Kessler could be such a crafty beaver – Football player

Leave me alone with murder Barbie – Josh

Naughty Freaky Quotes


I’m a freak in the fondest way possible. – Adam Lambert

My ideal body weight is yours on mine, you are my dream. – Unknown

You’re taking too long. It’s a vagina, not an all-night drive-through. –Ginny

She has a date with me. We’re going to see Wicked at the Anus Theater. –Coral

Your night is still ending in tragedy. –Char

I love your black wiener, Mr. Daniels. –Josh

Your mom’s superpower is guilt. –Josh

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I’m in it for the drunk straight boys who will suddenly realize they’re fluid. –Josh

That sounds kind of rapey. –Nyla

Have you seen what’s on the menu in this town? –Josh

Booker is going to be at the dance. This is your chance to land that plane. –Josh

I’m not landing that plane or any plane. He hardly knows I exist. –Millie

I love your dress. I think I saw it at Discount Bonanza. Did your mom get an employee discount?

He’s just an urban legend. He’s not real. –Nyla

Four very dead teens, it seems pretty real to me.–Josh

Freaky Friday Quotes


If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse. – Author: Fitness Magazine

I’m not that girl from Freaky Friday any more! I’m a real adult. In fact, I hate children! I hate them all! – Author: Lindsay Lohan

I was elected by the women of Ireland, who instead of rocking the cradle, rocked the system. – Author: Mary Robinson

You can’t please everyone, and trying to is the kiss of death. I don’t care about Wayne Newton’s demographics. When I do, I’ll know that it’s time to quit. – Author: Criss Angel

She kills her words, but somehow the feeling survives. And no matter where she buries them, he always sees them in her eyes. – Author: Seekerohan

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Life in itself is so beautiful that to ask the question of the meaning of life is simply nonsense. – Author: Rajneesh

The only thing which is of lasting benefit to a man is that which he does for himself. Money that comes to him without effort on his part is seldom a benefit and often a curse. – Author: John D. Rockefeller

There is one who remembers the way to your door: Life you may evade, but Death you shall not. – Author: T. S. Eliot

What was a very private childhood hobby turned into a very public, professional job, and I think that there’s a lot of inhibition that can grow from that? – Author: Adrian Tomine

My Fair Godmother’s movie rights were sold to the producer who did ‘Freaky Friday,’ ‘Princess Diaries,’ and one of my favorite movies – ‘Sky High.’ – Author: Janette Rallison

I think I might kiss him. He’s right here. And his lips are hanging open (mouth breather) and his eyes are alive, alive, alive. – Author: Rainbow Rowell

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