100+ Most Famous Funny Cake Quotes, and Sayings to Laugh at Everyone!

Funny Cake Quotes

I’m going to provide you with some funny cake quotes on this fascinating topic. These funny cake quotes are certain to make you grin or giggle. Others, though, will provoke thought. But I can assure you of one thing: Everyone will make you crave cake!

My true love is cake. It might also be your passion. You probably enjoy spending time in the kitchen if you’re anything like me. You’re going to love these awesome cake phrases if that’s the case. You don’t have to be an expert cake baker to appreciate these cute cake sayings. You’re likely to find something in this post to motivate you to keep making the cakes you love, regardless of your level of experience in the kitchen.

Best Funny Cake Quotes

Best Funny Cake Quotes

For Boys, the cake is just a cake but for girls, the cake is like Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

I don’t do makeup on my birthday my friends do it with my birthday Cake!

Kids eat Cake Men smashes on the face!

Cake Isn’t Health Friendly, It Is People Friendly!

When your friends surprise you with a cake it means you are not going to get a chance to eat that cake!

The Cake tasted better but the garbage of the cake tasted the Best!

The cake is like happiness & sadness once you eat too much you have to stop yourself!

Everyone, please stay back, because this is my Birthday Cake!

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I don’t care about my belly when the cake is made of Jelly!

When there Is A Birthday Cake, Your Mind Will Shack!

Cake Isn’t Health Friendly, It is Mouth Friendly!

We don’t eat birthday cake, we use it to make up for A Birthday Person!

The Birthday party without a Cake is just a Meeting!

I don’t murder a cake because my friends will murder me with a cake!

The size of the cake doesn’t matter the thing matters is the Sweetness of the cake!

Girls eat cake boys directly smash it on the Face!

Funny Cake Quotes for Instagram

Funny Cake Quotes for Instagram

I wish I could have a birthday cake from my nostalgic friends!

My life is like a slice of a Sweet Chocolate Cake!

I would rather accept that I am fatso but I can’t miss eating my birthday cake alone!

At the birthday party let’s just say you may regret another slice of a cake!

I don’t care about calories when it’s my friend’s Birthday Cake!

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At the birthday party, Cake is for kids Beer is for Men!

They call me a strawberry cake because I like pink and I am sweet too!

That is why I was thinking that why girls are as sweet as boys because they eat too much cake!

I am not vegetarian I am a Caketarian!

They wrote my name on my birthday cake so they can smash my face to take pictures of mine, just to post on social media!

Funny Short Birthday Cake Quotes

Funny Short Birthday Cake Quotes

How do I like my eggs? In a cake. Duh.

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. It’s how you bake the cake.

Life is too short to skip the cake.

Birthdays are nature’s way of telling you to eat more cake.

If it’s got a candle stuck in it, the calories don’t count.

Life is too short to say no to cake.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy the cake and that’s kind of the same thing.

Chocolate cake makes Monday easier.

Love. Cake!

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The cake is the answer. Who cares what the question is?

Happiness is knowing there’s a cake in the oven.

Romance is the icing but love is the cake.

Life is short. Lick the bowl.

Keep calm. There’s nothing a slice of cake can’t solve!

When all else fails, bake a cake.

Funny Cake Quotes for Birthday

Funny Cake Quotes for Birthday

Enjoy your birthday bake.

Tonight we party, but first cake.

Take a cakewalk on the wild side.

Pastry posse say happy birthday!

All baked up with everywhere to go.

Happy birthday from your cake posse.

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Let the birthday shenanigans commence.

May your birthday be as sweet as this cake?

What kind of wine goes with birthday cake?

Does this birthday cake make you feel festive?

It’s all fun and games ’til somebody decides to bake.

Have a little cake, drink a little wine, fondant tonight.

Let’s have some good, clean, fondant for your birthday.

Sorry, your birthday cake is small. I ate most of the batter.

Did we miss happy hour? That’s okay; it’s time for sugar and flour.

Cake Quotes Short

Cake Quotes Short

Life is what you bake of it.

When life goes crazy, eat a slice of cake.

Some things are just wonderful . . . like friendship and chocolate cake.

If the eating cake is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

A birthday can never have too much cake.

The cake doesn’t ask silly questions. Cake understands.

Eat cake for breakfast!

Keep calm and bake on.

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I am pretty sure that chocolate tastes as good as skinny feels.

A birthday can never have too much cake.

Drink coffee and eat cake.

Some things can be solved with laughter, but other things need cake.

The cake is for life, not just for birthdays.

I want to have a nice body but not as much as I want cake.

There’s no crying in cake decorating.

Funny Cake Quotes for Farewell

Funny Cake Quotes for Farewell

We hate you from our hearts! Love, Tim!

We are extremely sorry that you are going to leave. We will try to keep you on our minds. Sorry. What was your name, please?

Haven’t you gone yet?

Thanks heartily for all the hard work done by you! Please use this cake for your reference.

We will surely try missing your presence.

You will be going to miss us a lot!

Congratulations from our hearts! You are quitting your job.

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See you once again! Robin!

You are dead to all of us!

To us, you are dead right now!

We will be missing you! Better luck next time.

We will forget you tomorrow!

You are leaving us for nothing!

Screw you for quitting! Now you are dead to us!

Thanks for leaving us!

Funny Cake Quotes for Coworker Leaving

Funny Cake Quotes for Coworker Leaving

Jake is leaving for a new job, we tried to get creative with the cake

A friend at work got a job with bing.com, so I got him a google ice cream cake for his last day. Congratulation traitor

The kind of farewell cake you get for your last day at a vet’s office

A coworker got a better job…we bought him a cake on his last day

The awesome cake I received when I moved to a new team at work

So, I am known as the office grouch. Today is my last day at my job. They made me a going-away cake

I made this little farewell cake for a couple of lovely co-workers

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It’s boss farewell cake

Batman farewell cake we gave a former co-worker

Our employee left us to take care of monkeys in South Africa, this was her farewell cake

How my friend quit her job the other day

I quit my job, this was their going away present for me

My Mother-in-law left her job for a better one. This was her farewell cake

On my last day, a co-worker brought me this cake

Farewell cake for a co-worker