Best 85 + Gemini Quotes About Love and Money


Gemini Quotes, Geminis are those born between May 21 and June 21 and dominated by the aid of the planet Mercury. It makes them magnificent communicators. Gemini Quotes are volatile, perceptive, intelligent, and charismatic. The curiosity internal them is sky high, and they will by no means abstain from interrogating.

However, they are recognized to be avid listeners. They get nicely adjusted in uncommon conditions and whilst coming throughout dissimilar people. Here  Gemini quotes can assist us to unravel the fascinating character of a Gemini, an air signal. Here are our Lastest Gemini Quotes and Gemini saying we have a collection and you can easily read and everyday power.

Gemini Attitude Quotes


Gemini loves to spend money.

I’m a Gemini, very spontaneous.

Gemini: My way or the high way.

I’m a Gemini and damn proud of it.

Not sure if bipolar or just a Gemini.

Get ready it’s almost Gemini season.

Difficult to understand. Impossible to forget.

Keep calm. I’m a Gemini and I love a Scorpio!

Geminis act like they are fine when they aren’t.

Gemini is a lover and a fighter… rolled into one.

Gemini can feel more than one emotion at a time.

Geminis have a soft heart and are quick to forgive.

You cannot change the made-up mind of a Gemini.

A Gemini’s mind is too deep for you to understand.

Remember, a Gemini has a temper. A very bad one.

Geminis won’t ask twice, they will ask someone else.

Gemini is like setting goals so high that scare them.

They either say what they are thinking or say nothing.

Gemini: constantly on the hunt for the next fun thing.

A Gemini can miss you and hate you at the same time.

Geminis get along with everyone and are very friendly.

When a Gemini cut off with you, there’s no going back.

Gemini Quotes Love


Life is so much easier when I decide to let people misunderstand me.

Gemini won’t be your fake friend. If they don’t like you, you’ll know.

I can’t keep calm. I’m a Gemini and it’s my birthday. Turn up the fun!

I’m a Gemini, so I have a great time with the other guy. – Ronnie Wood

Geminis will give you all the attention until you give them a reason not to.

Geminis are always ready and willing to risk it all for the person they love.

When annoyed, Gemini can have a very sharp and sometimes lethal tongue.

Geminis don’t have an attitude, they just have a personality you can’t handle.

A Gemini is more attracted to interesting people rather than attractive people.

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If a Gemini is being mean to you, ask yourself, have I done something wrong?

It’s harder to run a marathon than to keep a Gemini at home on a Friday night.

Gemini is indecisive. But once they make up their mind, nothing will stop them.

It doesn’t take much to make a Gemini happy, and it takes less to make them mad.

Gemini can be impatient. They save their attention to people they truly care about.

Geminis are very versatile, spontaneous, and always on the go.

Gemini: Losing me is like losing your front teeth. You’ll never laugh the same again.

Geminis is a mixture of naughty and nice. You get the best of both worlds with them.

A hurt stressed or all-around annoyed Gemini will shut everything and everyone out.

Geminis never let the same people disappoint them twice.

Gemini Quotes Funny


If the Pied Piper had been twins, odds are he would have been Gemini.

Capricorn and Gemini: This is a very odd combination unless they can figure each other out.

Gemini’s are masters at procrastination, persuasion, mind games, sarcasm, and mixed signals.

You never know what’s on the mind of a Gemini.

When it comes to close friends and lovers all a Gemini wants from you is a little understanding.

Sagittarius + Gemini: They will never run out of energy when they’re together. 24/7 adventures.

Depriving a Gemini of conversation or books and magazines is cruel and unusual punishment.

Be exactly who you are. You can fit in any space you see yourself in. Be fearless.

They’ll put on their best smile and try to move on.

You haven’t been crazy in love until you date a Gemini. They are a mixture between cute and crazy.

A Gemini knows how to swerve you from your most stubbornly held convictions.

Gemini compatibility. Most: Libra, Aquarius. Fairly: Leo, Aries. Least: Cancer, Taurus, Pisces, Virgo.

There are two sides to every Gemini: the happy/relaxed/playful side and the dark/depressed/lazy side.

A Gemini will make you see the joys of life you never experienced.

A Gemini needs to strike out on a fresh path from time to time to avoid feeling trapped and bored.

No one betrays a Gemini and gets off without a sound ear-bashing.

One Gemini twin may be sad on the inside but the other twin can always mask it with a false front of happiness.

I am a Gemini and can adapt the most atmospheres. You get two for the price of one when you are a Gemini.

The Gemini nature is mercurial and quixotic-changing every day and, indeed, every moment.

Geminis will take a position, say their opinion, make a decision and then entirely change their mind the next day.

Gemini Quotes Male


Gemini men: Fueled by knowledge; great multi-tasker, indecisive, social, and quite the charmer.

The Gemini man requires an enormous amount of intellectual stimulation to keep him engaged.

Mansplaining can be an issue for the Gemini man, so learning how to listen will help them get along.

His strong sense of youthfulness is refreshing to be around, and you won’t ever feel bored with a Gemini man around.

Thanks to his ruling planet being Mercury, the trickster god, a Gemini man is incredibly mischievous, funny, and playful.

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A Gemini man may move around a lot, and even go through stints of couch surfing or staying here and there when traveling.

A Gemini man truly understands the maxim that it’s all about who you know – and they seem to somehow know everyone.

Don’t tell Gemini to shut up. They will end up talking more.

You must catch a Gemini’s mind before you catch their heart.

The Gemini essence is extremely contagious.

Geminis are patient listeners, provided you have meat to share.

Enthusiastic, charming, and clever the Gemini man is good at almost anything he puts his mind to and can make anyone laugh.

The restless mind of a Gemini man requires lots of information to keep him busy, so he’ll enjoy going out to see a play or film that has audiences completely perplexed.

Gemini male projects charisma and humor; it’s hard to know what’s on his mind; needs a partner who will give enough emotion to make him feel good but doesn’t want things to become complicated; is willing to settle down but can be quite picky; has a lot of intellect and knows how to use it.

Gemini Quotes 2022


I’m a Gemini, very spontaneous.

The Kardashians have to keep up with us!

The more unsettling the more I feel at home.

I’m a Gemini, so I change my mind every day.

Forgive your enemies but never forget their names.

I think the worst thing you can do about a situation is nothing.

I was born under the sign of Gemini. That stands for intellect.

Hi, I’m Elle Woods and this is Bruiser Woods. And we’re both Gemini vegetarians.

When other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers I kind of wanted to be a vampire.

Wherever I am I always find myself looking out the window wishing I was somewhere else.

I am a Gemini and can adapt to most atmospheres. You get two for the price of one when you are a Gemini.

Geminis tend to be shy but if you make the first move, Geminis are sure to finish it with fireworks.

A Gemini’s eyes never lie, even when their lips do. If you wanna know if they’re in love with you, speak to their eyes!

Geminis never expect anything. That’s why they live life on the edge.

Geminis are always trying to figure out why they are moody, and then get moodier when they couldn’t find the answer.

That’s boring and I’m a Gemini and bore easily. I see change as our basic nature, win or lose.

When you are with a Gemini, be ready to do things you may have thought to be weird, extravagant, or even reckless.

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