100+ Best Inspirational Acting Quotes

Actor Jack Lemmon once said, If you really do want to be an actor who can satisfy himself and his audience, you need to be vulnerable, and this quote has always been a source of encouragement for actors. Actors searching for more encouragement should also accept inspiration and encouragement from the careers of their idols; all things considered, they generally started at the base and worked their direction to success!

Assuming you are searching for some inspiration to act, these inspirational acting quotes are for you. These acting quotes are from individuals who have a lot of acting experience all through their careers, so the inspirational quotes come from years of acting experience. These inspirational acting quotes are certainly Oscar-worthy.

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There are famous acting quotes from actors and actresses, and even from directors and producers. These acting quotes have been in existence for a long time. Some of the best inspirational acting quotes are from our favorite actors and actresses.

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Inspirational Acting Quotes

If you get a chance to act in a room that somebody else has paid rent for, then you’re given a free chance to practice your craft.

If all the circumstances of acting are made too easy, then there’s no grain of sand to make the pearl.

It’s important to say that the more challenging a scene is, in a way, the more fun it is because the more of my job I get to do.

I’ve always approached things with hunger and just enough fear. Plenty of confidence, you know, but just enough fear to work extra hard. Paralyzing fear does nothing, but the kind of fear that makes you nervous enough to really be aware and focused? I like that kind of fear.

When you’re in a theater, it’s about reaching the back rows. When you have a camera in your face, it’s just about knowing the size of the room.

If you’re an actor, even a successful one, you’re still waiting for the phone to ring.

If you live in the past that’s depression, and if you live in the future that’s anxiety. So you have no choice but to live in the present.

If you risk nothing, then you risk everything.

You’re not going there to get a job. You’re going there to present what you do.

If you can see yourself doing anything else and being happy, by all means, go and do it. But if you cannot, if you cannot see yourself doing anything else, then you should go for it and not let anybody tell you no.

People acting in their own self-interest is the fuel for all the discovery, innovation, and prosperity that powers the world.

Acting is like a Halloween mask that you put on.

The art of acting consists in keeping people from coughing.

Acting doesn’t bring anything to a text. On the contrary, it detracts from it.

Goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency.

Acting is a spiritual quest to touch human beings.

I think there was something in me at a young age that was not worried about success, but was worried about becoming a better actor.

Acting is not being emotional, but being able to fully express emotion.

My thought process has always been, I’m excited to show you what my version of this story would look like. You’re going to be able to get a little condensed show. That took the pressure off getting the job.

Acting is not about being famous, it’s about exploring the human soul.

An actor is at most a poet and at least an entertainer.

Acting is all about honesty. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.

I really think that effective acting has to do literally with the movement of molecules.

Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

Acting is standing up naked and turning around very slowly.

Love Acting Quotes

I’ve learned to get really good at this – say one thing when I’m thinking about something else, act like I’m listening when I’m not, pretend to be calm and happy when I’m really freaking out. It’s one of the skills you perfect as you get older.

My father taught me that you can you read a hundred books on wisdom and write a hundred books on wisdom, but unless you apply what you learned then its only words on a page. Life is not lived with intentions, but action.

Actors in any capacity, artists of any stripe, are inspired by their curiosity, by their desire to explore all quarters of life, in light and in dark, and reflect what they find in their work. Artists instinctively want to reflect humanity, their own and each other’s, in all its intermittent virtue and vitality, frailty and fallibility.

Stand on a stage and hold the hearts of men in your hands. Make them laugh with a gesture, cry with a word. Make them love you. And you will know what power is.

Film acting is one of the only industries where you’re criticized for working hard. In any other industry, it’s considered a quality and something to behold.

Great acting is not easy; anyone who says it is is either shallow or a charlatan. And one of the hardest things about acting is admitting that it is hard.

Acting is not about being someone different. It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there.

I believe in imagination. I did ‘Kramer vs. Kramer’ before I had children. But the mother I would be was already inside me.

Competition [in a scene] is healthy. Competition is life. Yet most actors refuse to acknowledge this. They don’t want to compete. They want to get along. And they are therefore not first-rate actors.

My job is usually to express emotion as freely as possible.

Your internal dialogue has got to be different from what you say. And you know, in film, hopefully that registers and speaks volumes. It’s always the unspoken word and what’s happening behind someone’s eyes that makes it so rich.

Study, find all the good teachers and study with them, get involved in acting to act, not to be famous or for the money. Do plays. It’s not worth it if you are just in it for the money. You have to love it.

Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.

Acting isn’t something you do. Instead of doing it, it occurs. If you’re going to start with logic, you might as well give up. You can have conscious preparation, but you have unconscious results.

To fulfil a dream, to be allowed to sweat over lonely labor, to be given a chance to create, is the meat and potatoes of life. The money is the gravy.

I think the most liberating thing I did early on was to free myself from any concern with my looks as they pertained to my work.

You can’t learn to act unless you’re criticized. If you tie that criticism to your childhood insecurities you’ll have a terrible time. Instead, you must take criticism objectively, pertaining it only to the work being done.

If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.

When you do something that people respond to, and then you start altering the blueprint for what worked, it’s pretty fear-inducing. But sometimes, you have to do that, in order to push the boundaries.

I think that young women and little girls need to see that they don’t have to be the damsel in distress. They don’t have to not show their strength. They don’t have to be whatever the stereotype is or the tropes that we go to in our minds.

Life has to be everything… Because the lows have you appreciate the highs. And the highs give you perspective on the lows. If it’s not everything, it becomes flat or mundane.

Integrate what you believe in every single area of your life. Take your heart to work and ask the most and best of everybody else, too.

As an actor you try to bring as much of yourself to a part to try and create a feeling of authenticity and emotional truth and resonance.

Acting is a form of self-expression, it’s not becoming someone else, and it’s not playing make believe; it’s about using the fiction of being someone else to express something about yourself.

It’s tough, acting. you have to walk two lines of a tightrope. There’s the all consuming fear of failure… and there’s also confidence – you have to be confident to try new things. And they fight each other all the time.

When you work on anything, you want to find the range of impulses. which ones get portrayed is another question, but you want to have that complexity and that fullness, even if you’re playing a cartoon character.

All I would tell people is to hold on to what was individual about themselves, not to allow their ambition for success to cause them to try to imitate the success of others. You’ve got to find it on your own terms.

If any of the work, that any of us do, contributes to the stretching of culture, the stretching of boundaries of empathy that’s expected of an audience… that’s the holy grail.

I feel like telling stories is a spiritual exercise and I think that it’s something that we need as a culture and as humans. You put your nightmares up there, you put your dreams up there and people can see them better because they can stand outside of it and recognize themselves inside it.

For me, our job as artists is to serve the story, serve the director, and serve the fellow actors. And if you do that, by osmosis you’re serving yourself because you’ll get the best out of yourself.

Funny acting quotes

Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

An actor is a fool for God.

Without wonder and insight, acting is just a business. With it, it becomes creation.

The best acting is instinctive. It’s not intellectual, it’s not mechanical, it’s instinctive.

That’s what makes acting so attractive. You get to break all your own rules.

Acting should be bigger than life. Scripts should be bigger than life. It should all be bigger than life.

Acting is standing up naked and turning around very slowly.

Acting is not about being someone different. It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there.

Good acting — real acting is impossible to spot. Do you ever catch talents like Robert Duvall or Kathy Bates acting? No. I defy you to show me where.

Stop explaining yourself. Shut up and act!

Show me a great actor and I’ll show you a lousy husband. Show me a great actress, and you’ve seen the devil.

Acting is all about honesty. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.

The theater has never been any good since the actors became gentlemen.

Actors die so loud.

I love acting. It is so much more real than life.

If I wasn’t an actor, I’d be a secret agent.

Good Acting Quotes

The more personal, the more universal.

An actor has to burn inside with an outer ease.

Use what you know. Don’t worry about what you don’t know.

The actor has to develop his body. The actor has to work on his voice. But the most important thing the actor has to work on is his mind.

An ounce of behavior is worth a pound of words.

Conflict is what creates drama. The more conflict actors find, the more interesting the performance.

If you really do want to be an actor who can satisfy himself and his audience, you need to be vulnerable.

Creating relationships is the heart of acting. It is basic. It is essential.

Whatever you decide is your motivation in the scene, the opposite of that is also true and should be in it.

Humor [in a scene] is not jokes. It is that attitude toward being alive without which you would long ago have jumped off the 59th Street Bridge.

Every scene you will ever act begins in the middle, and it is up to you, the actor, to provide what comes before.

The first step to a better audition is to give up character and use yourself.

Competition [in a scene] is healthy. Competition is life. Yet most actors refuse to acknowledge this. They don’t want to compete. They want to get along. And they are therefore not first-rate actors.

Honesty isn’t enough for me. That becomes very boring. If you can convince people what you’re doing is real and it’s also bigger than life — that’s exciting.

Take nothing for granted. Make an emotional discovery as often as you can find one in every scene. Ask yourself: What is new?

There’s only one reason why a character drinks: to seek confrontation. To fight for what they want in ways normally denied them.

My job is usually to express emotion as freely as possible.

I’m curious about other people. That’s the essence of my acting. I’m interested in what it would be like to be you.

I think the most liberating thing I did early on was to free myself from any concern with my looks as they pertained to my work.

All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today, in any scene.

I believe in imagination. I did Kramer vs. Kramer before I had children. But the mother I would be was already inside me.

The most difficult character in comedy is that of the fool, and he must be no simpleton that plays that part.

Actors think more with their hearts than with their heads.

Fan Quotes for actors

The word theatre comes from the Greeks. It means the seeing place. It is the place people come to see the truth about life and the social situation.

I’m a skilled professional actor. Whether or not I’ve any talent is beside the point.

Acting in theatre or television or screen is only for the irrecoverably diseased, those so smitten with the need that there is no choice.

Why, except as a means of livelihood, a man should desire to act on the stage when he has the whole world to act in, is not clear to me.

There’s nothing more boring than unintelligent actors, because all they have to talk about is themselves and acting. There have to be other things.

Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.

I think your self emerges more clearly over time.

I need to go where people are serious about acting.

The work will stand, no matter what.

Acting Quotes for Instagram

Acting is really, really fun. If you like being with people and coming up with funny lines, then it’s the best job in the world.

Taking a break from filming and just chillin’ on set.

This is your moment. Your story is being filmed.

When you work with people who love their craft, amazing things are bound to happen. 5. That moment when you do a serious scene and there are actual tears in your eyes.

How to get in character: 1- Take off the slap. 2 – Put on the squeeze. 3 – Let it be. 4 – Get used to it. 5- Become it. 6 – Go with it. 7 – Lean into it.

Nothing inspires one to greatness and attention more so than admiration of another.

Just a typical morning on set…

Today’s your big day. You’re putting in your all for the audition you’ve been dreaming of. You can do it!

We auditioned for a play last night. We actually had fun. Now we have two more callbacks. We’re totally doing this.

You have the power to make your dreams come true. –Natalie Portman.

From the first day on set to working with the likes of x and y, it’s been a blast working with this talented group

These will be great actors in their life. They have to store up all the ability, all the expression, all the concentration they can muster and keep it for their life. It is a gift from heaven.

An unapologetic voice is a powerful tool in any actor’s toolbox. We love how you are using yours to bring awareness to everything that threatens human existence.

Hollywood loves us now, but we’ll always have a special place in our heart for Shaw.

Here’s to coming alive with passion, individuality, and the courage to make our own stories.

Took a deep breath and knocked on my agent’s door. I’d waited long enough. I wanted a real shot at this acting thing.

Feeling grateful to be one of the many stories being shared this month.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the set of this soon-to-be award-winning movie.

Jennifer Lawrence describes herself as a chameleon. I have many faces, she says.

Acting quotes Shakespeare

If it be true that good wine needs no bush, ’tis true that a good play needs no epilogue. As You Like It (c.1599-1600), Epilogue, line 3.

Like a dull actor now,

I have forgot my part, and I am out,

Even to a full disgrace. Coriolanus (c. 1607-08), Act V, scene 3, line 40.

Out, out, brief candle!

Life’s but a walking shadow,

A poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Macbeth (c. 1605), Act V, Scene 5, line 23.

As in a theatre, the eyes of men, After a well-grac’d actor leaves the stage, Are idly bent on him that enters next,

Thinking his prattle to be tedious. Richard II (c. 1595), Act V, scene 2, line 23.

I can counterfeit the deep tragedian; Speak and look back, and pry on every side, Tremble and start at wagging of a straw,

Intending deep suspicion. Richard III (c. 1591), Act III, scene 5, line 5.

A beggarly account of empty boxes. Romeo and Juliet (1597), Act V, scene 1, line 45.

And, like a strutting player, whose conceit

Lies in his hamstring, and doth think it rich

To hear the wooden dialogue and sound

‘Twixt his stretch’d footing and the scaffoldage.