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Durk Derrick Banks, best known as Lil Durk, is a singer, musician, and rapper from the United States. He is all around recognized as one of the performers that assisted with popularizing drill music in the early 1900s.

Durk, along with related musicians like Chief Keef, Young Chop, and Lil Reese, popularized this trap music sub-kind portrayed by its dark, violent, and nihilistic lyrical content. A significant number of the notable Lil Durk quotes are drawn from his songs. ‎

Durk’s youth, similar to that of many drill musicians, was as inauspicious as the class, and a significant number of Lil Durk’s quotes about existence mirror that. Durk’s father was condemned to life in prison when he was a newborn, and he was brought up poor. Durk left secondary school as a youngster subsequent to becoming a parent and joined the group Black Disciples. ‎

Durk’s CD The Voice pays tribute to the deaths of his companions. Lil Durk’s quotes also think about these misfortunes endlessly time again. ‎

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Lil Durk Quotes About Life

Life is 10% what happen to you & 90% how you respond. –Lil Durk

I would say I grew without a doubt. My whole energy in life – as an artist and as a person – has definitely got me smarter and wiser. –Lil Durk

Real life, my movie don’t come with actors. –Lil Durk

Tell me what your life like, n*gga tell me what your life like. –Lil Durk

These the days of my life. Extra money I’m maxing. To get it much I’m on a stratch. –Lil Durk

Don’t be scared to live your life without judgment. –Lil Durk

I can’t get over my pain. Make you feel better. –Lil Durk

So many people switched up on me, changed on me, crossed me, left me when they said they’ll be here for me, its all good though I promise. –Lil Durk

Stay working. Stay busy.  –Lil Durk

You got to have a strong mind if you fall back. When you fall back, they going to count you out. So you got to have a strong mind and know your worth. When you come back, you’ve got to be different and even more better. –Lil Durk

I just wanted to speak to the streets and give them motivation on making it out. Whatever situation they’re in, know that they can make do and have a better life. –Lil Durk

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Lil Durk Quotes About Love

I keep on loving people who don’t love me back. –Lil Durk

If you love the streets more than you love your family, you crazy. –Lil Durk

Still love your *ss to death no matter what. –Lil Durk

Gotta watch out for who loves me and the same people who hurt me. –Lil Durk

I love to be counted out, it makes me hungry. –Lil Durk

Where them people be with you, but they really don’t love you. –Lil Durk

Who love you when no one there, who love you when no one care. –Lil Durk

I won’t lie, keep my arms high. And I love who I lie to. –Lil Durk

They tell me it’s all love, but I love all. –Lil Durk

Man, it’s all love. You can’t learn without my brother ’cause it’s all us. –Lil Durk

You don’t know who really love you at heart when you got money. –Lil Durk

‘Trap House’ is one of my favorite songs off ‘300 Days 300 Nights’ mixtape, I sent it to Thug, he loved it and knocked it out on the spot in Atlanta. –Lil Durk

Don’t tell me that you love me if you ain’t gone die for me. –Lil Durk

I still show love like y’all ain’t never count me out. –Lil Durk

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Lil Durk Quotes about Money

Money, power, respect—that’s what I grew up n*gg*. –Lil Durk

I’mma climb up to the top. Money up and it will not drop. –Lil Durk

You don’t know who really love you at heart when you got money. –Lil Durk

Money don’t make us, we make money. –Lil Durk

You can post your money if you take care your family and put your n*gg*s in position to win and def make sure your kids took good care of you gotta be a opp or somebody wit me hit ya hoe if you hate on me. –Lil Durk

Money, streets—it’s all the same. Power, respect—it’s all the same. Life, loyalty—it’s all the same. –Lil Durk

Don’t talk about money ‘cause I done made plenty. –Lil Durk

Once upon a time, I was really lost. I was 18 going on 19, and I was shy. All I want to do is get money, and the way I was thinking I was going to do that was a negative route. –Lil Durk

What really broke it down was I had my son while I was locked up, so that really affected me. I can’t really have this, knowing my father was locked up when I was small. So that really out of everything—through the fame, the money, everything—that really put the toll on me, ‘Oh yeah, I gotta change. –Lil Durk

These the days of my life. Extra money I’m maxing. To get it much I’m on a scratch. –Lil Durk

Send money off to them books even if I gotta sell hooks. –Lil Durk


Lil Durk Quotes about Loyalty

Life, loyalty, throw L’s that’s how we bang. I ain’t switch it up on my ni**as how could I change? –Lil Durk

Don’t call me your brudda if you ain’t prove your loyalty. –Lil Durk

Loyalty over all that made up sh*t. –Lil Durk

Not loyalty you’re a f**king ni**a can’t claim what I claim. Don’t cross us, cause we ain’t doing this sh*t for the fame. –Lil Durk

I’m a good guy at the end of the day, you know what I’m saying? A lot of people will believe what they see in the media from a long time ago. I’m just growing as an artist and as a person. –Lil Durk

Street n*gg*s need a prayer. –Lil Durk

I look up to myself, tryna get better. Always tryna get better. –Lil Durk

All I need is some loyalty. –Lil Durk

Not loyalty you’re a fcking ngga can’t claim what I claim. –Lil Durk

Money, streets it’s all the same. Power, respect it’s all the same. Life, loyalty it’s all the same. –Lil Durk

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Lil Durk Quotes about Family

Growing up in Chicago is hard. I’d say 80 percent of the people ain’t really got no daddies. Their household wasn’t right. All they know is the streets and getting some money to support each other and support their family. –Lil Durk

Rapping is my dream, but my kids make me happy. –Lil Durk

I can buy anything I want now. It hasn’t changed me personally. It just changed what I can do for myself and my family. –Lil Durk

When I do shows, I take pictures and make the fans feel like family. All of that really matters. That’s the cheat code if you ain’t got a hit. –Lil Durk

Atlanta is definitely where it’s at. I still go back to Chicago a lot though, I got family there. –Lil Durk

It piss me off how y’all change shit around tryna make it like somebody a hoe talking bout her like talking bout my kids kill that rumor my b*tch ain’t nun like you goofy hoes. –Lil Durk

The family knows how I feel about them.  I can’t even live without them. –Lil Durk

I can’t complain ‘bout nobody and their family all I know is I’mma take care mine no matter what. –Lil Durk

When I do shows, I take pictures and make the fans feel like family. All of that really matters. That’s the cheat code if you ain’t got a hit. –Lil Durk

I grew up without a father, so I have to be on point for my kids. –Lil Durk

Been around my brothers, you give me endurance. –Lil Durk

Lil Durk Quotes About Success

I’m really living my dream so if I were to change anything up, I probably wouldn’t be where I am. –Lil Durk

I’m undefeated that’s the stone truth cause battling me is like fighting. –Lil Durk

Imma climb up to the top. Money up and it will not drop. –Lil Durk

The streets is my hustle, I’ve been through the struggle. –Lil Durk

Look up man I know we winning. Haters mad cause they ain’t in it. –Lil Durk

What you think important don’t be lock in and focus. –Lil Durk

I’m on the road to riches, it’s just a lil traffic. –Lil Durk

Money power respect, that’s what I grew up ni**a. –Lil Durk

Money don’t make us we make money. –Lil Durk

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More Lil Durk Quotes and Sayings

I been living down in Atlanta, but everyone back home has been in my thoughts, especially those doing something for the community and all the neighborhood heroes. I thought about all the first responders putting their lives on the line to help out and it inspired me, so I took a jet back to Chicago to show my thanks. –Lil Durk

I’m happy with the person I become. –Lil Durk

My message is just showing people how I came from nothing. –Lil Durk

I don’t throw shade at anybody like, ‘You sound like me.’–Lil Durk

I don’t think anybody feels safe in Chicago. Bullets ain’t got no name on them. –Lil Durk

I met Jay Z. I don’t really care about all that though. –Lil Durk

With ‘LilDurk2x,’ it’s a good vibe to it, good energy. –Lil Durk

I have three kids, and that’s a big part of staying focused. –Lil Durk

Bone Thugs is one of my favorite rap groups of all time. –Lil Durk

I don’t throw shade at anybody like, ‘You sound like me. –Lil Durk

My vision ain’t the same vision my livings ain’t the same living. –Lil Durk

I just moved to Atlanta so the change of scenery and environment put me in a different mood and a different vibe, both good. –Lil Durk

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75+ Best Lil Durk quotes

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