100 + Heart Touching Birthday Quotes for Mom 


We are nothing to talk about when it comes to Birthday Quotes for Mom or happy birthday wishes for mother. Because a mother’s contribution, love, and care for her children can never be repaid. Below is a collection of the nicest happy birthday wishes for mother, lovely birthday messages for mother, and happy birthday Mom quotes that will expressively express your deepest feelings to your mother and make her feel out of this world.

Happy Birthday to the cutest and most lovable mother in the world. May God let your life be filled with countless joys! ❤🎂

Wishing you the best happy birthday mummy! I want to tell you I am nothing without you. Be always with me. Love you!

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How amazingly you keep a smile on your face ever at the toughest situation and moments! May this spirit be always there for you! Happy Birthday, Mom!

I don’t know how many women I meet in this lifetime, but you are the only one who will know and have a place in my heart. Have a wonderful birthday!

Hello, Mom, every birthday memory I have included lighting the candles on my cake. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me. Happy Birthday, Mother, Love you!

Whenever I think of all that you’ve given me, I feel that whatever I do won’t be quite enough, I know you will love me despite it all. Happy Birthday, enjoy the day!

You don’t look like anyone’s mother, but you are mine and that’s special for me in this world. Best wishes from your son/daughter!

There are so many unsaid sacrifices you’ve done for us without a litter sigh exceptionally, Oh mom. May God give you a hundred years t live! Happy Birthday to the best mother!😘🎉

Every day I wake up, I always thank you. I have your warmth, guidance, heart, and your guidance. Someone who loves me unconditionally right or wrong, you are the only one. Many Happy Birthdays!

Her smile keeps everyone strong, her spirit lifts us, and her words keep everyone grounded when the words get low. Happy Birthday to the most wonderful Mom!

Hey, my beautiful Mom! You are better than all TV moms combined because you are my superstar. I wish you an amazing birthday! 🎉🎂

The wonderful memories of my childhood have become my shadow. She follows me wherever I go, and I hope it never stops being so. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Thanks for all the tough love, honest advice, and unconditional support over the years. Mom, I admire everything you’ve given me and done for me. I hope that your year is full of love, respect, and blessings. Have a wonderful birthday ahead!

Many happy birthdays to the most impressive woman in my life, my beloved mom. You were my everything when I was a kid, you still are. May your special and auspicious day be just as phenomenal as you are?

The world would be a dimmer place without your beautiful and bright presence that inspires everyone around you. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Deep Birthday Wishes for Mom

We feel that their love and care are pure and unconditional and that they can never be given back in any way, no matter how powerful you are.


No advice is as beautiful as yours. Mom, your words are much-needed wisdom to my life. Have a blessed birthday ahead!

Wishing you a happy birthday! My lovely mom, every year I wait for this day because you are so special to me, and your presence in my life is bigger than anything else.

You are the only one who made my childhood special and blessed, and I remember every minute of it. Thank you so much, Mom. I wish you the warmest and heartiest happy birthday. May God pour all the warmth and love on you?

No matter how old you are, you will always be the same amazing and beautiful lady in my eyes. Happy birthday to the beautiful mom! 🎁❤

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Mom, I am very fortunate to have a mother like you. You are my best friend. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday to my dearest mom! May your special be just as amazing as you are? Have an awesome day!

You are the most successful and cool person I know, having done all that you have and making it look effortless.

Your blessing and support are so precious to me and I am thankful to you for your countless sacrifices. Warm and best birthday wishes to the great lady!

Hey, my lovely mom, you gave me the best life and you are the best gift from God. Life without you seems impossible for me. May God keep you happy and healthy in your entire life? Happy Birthday!

I feel like the luckiest son that has a mother who supports and guides me always even if I’m hurting. Mom, you are so generous and humble. Love you so much!❤

The moon would be joyful to appear today. The sun is glad to shine brighter today. The stars will keep shining and rejoicing in the sky when they are out. All because they are celebrating my mother’s birthday. Love you and happy birthday!🎂

I know mom I have hurt you with my unpleasant behaviors many times. But never expressed my love. Take all that unexplained love through my best wishes on your birthday!

Your birthday is a celebration of life and all the best things coming your way. My best wishes to the most special lady in my life. Happy Birthday, Mama!

I don’t need to tell you to have great fun. I learned everything about it from you. My dear mother, wonderful and spectacular B’day!

Touching Birthday Quotes for Mom Short

The word mother may appear little, but it encompasses the core of the entire universe. A child’s destiny is mostly determined by how his mother raises him. It is the obligation of children to make their mother feel extra special on her birthday, as a mother who cares and loves her child in the most special way.


Wishing you the best happy birthday to my lovely mom! I love you so much with every passing day.

Mom, celebrate this day full of zeal and mirth. I hope and pray you will always live the life your soul intended. Have a glorious birthday!

Happiest birthday dearest mother from your son/daughter! I believe I have an amazing and wise mother in the world. Keep smiling!

Wishing my beautiful mother a spectacular happy birthday! May joy and happiness always hold your heart of gold like glue?

When I see your smiling face I smile every day because I am the proud son/daughter of a remarkable woman. Happy birthday!

I made a cake this year for you but don’t expect it to be anywhere near as best as the ones you make. Have a splendid day!

There are so many reasons why you mean the world to me, but I can’t explain every reason. Happy birthday, mother!

You are not my loving and caring mother but also my greatest actress. Wishing you the best day in your life.

Wishing you an amazing birthday to my amazing, Mom, friends, and mentor. May God extensively bless your new age!

You are the most special person in my life. I love you from the deepest core of my heart. Have a gorgeous, happy birthday.

Have a great day and enjoy your life!

Mama, you are the reason that beautiful world has become visible to me. You are the most special lady to me. Enjoy your birthday.

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Every year I wait for this day. You are so special to me that your presence in my life is bigger than everything else. Happy birthday, mom.

For the most precious woman in the world and the only person I know, I have loved you for months and months. Happy Birthday to You.

I am so loving and compassionate, I send my prayers to the mother in the world. Get the best.

Happy birthday to the best mom ever. I love you more than I love your skin. Have a nice day today.

Mom as the birthdays are coming, you are becoming younger. Happy birthday, mummy.

Heartfelt wishes from the bottom of my heart to the most beautiful woman in the entire universe. Enjoy your special day!

Happy birthday to my amazing mother. You are the best and I love you so much.

Dear mom, happy birthday to you and many returns of the day. May your light continue to guide us all toward a happy life as it always did?

Funny Birthday Wishes for Mom


You are perhaps the only mother in the whole world who makes me do all the work of your preparation on your birthday. I have yet to savor the birthday vibes to the fullest. Wishing happy birthday to the best mom ever!

You are getting old but you are also getting funnier with each passing birthday which is not a good sign for us. Jokes apart, happy birthday to my fabulous mother!

Everything about you is perfect but I hate it when you snatch all the money our relatives give to me. Happy birthday to my super funny and stubborn mother!

Keep calm! It’s my mother’s birthday. However. She doesn’t remain calm when things don’t happen her way. Happy birthday to my obnoxious yet cute mother.

Happiest birthday to the most courageous and fierce woman in the world. I mean it takes immense courage to nurture dinosaurs like kids who eat day and day. A big salute to you.

Hey mother, you have hit the age where gifts, chocolates, and blessings don’t make any sense but a hair wig and wrinkles removal cream surely do. Jokes apart, happy birthday to my super adorable mother.

Everything about you has made the whole family proud except your outrageously erotic browsing history. For the love of God, would you please start using incognito mode? Happy birthday my awesome mother

It is certainly right that age is just a number but in your case, the number is certainly quite high. Happy birthday my super mommy!

You are my favorite parent as long as I am your favorite kid and I get my bribery on time. Happy birthday to you my beautiful mother!

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Hey mother, you are looking prettier than ever but your nature has become more rampant and baffling than ever. May you continue to become crazy with each passing birthday? Happy birthday my perfect mother!

Happy birthday to the person whose cooking skill is worse than a 16 years old teenage girl. I wish you don’t hit the grave pretty soon!

So your face is packed with wrinkles, you were still terrible when you don’t have any. Jokes apart, happy birthday to my forever awesome mother!

I hope your happy birthday celebration is packed with fat-free food, alcohol, and crackers. Because, when you have one of them in your hand, things go wrong. Happy birthday, mother!

Dear mother, you are the most jovial and peppy person I have ever seen. However, when you smile, your toothless smile scares the shit out of me. May god endows you with great teeth ASAP. Happy birthday to you!

On this day, one of the most significant people in this family was born. It was my grandmother! Of course, you to mommy! Happy birthday!

Mom, could you please do my homework. At least today you can do it because it is your birthday. And it is my birthday gift to you, my homework! Don’t mind mom. Happy birthday my strict principal mother!

Mom, on your birthday this may come true. May you not ever ask about my girlfriend? I wish it come true. Happy birthday my extra-over-taking care mother!

Mom, you and my going to be wife, May never fight. This is my wish for your birthday for you! You have always been so nice to me mom. Thank you for that. Happy birthday! And never forget your daughter-in-law!

When I was a kid, mom, you are so beautiful. You still are. But now you are expanding like burgers! Happy birthday dearest mom! Just get a shrink!

Mom, why you are so angry? When you get angry, you feel like a shrieking bird! I hope you don’t mind, mom. After all, I am your son. Happiest birthday to my calm and serene mother!

Best Birthday Wishes for Mother from Son

Mothers have a special position in our lives, as well as in our emotions. They are God’s gift to us, and they devote their lives to ensuring our pleasure and prosperity.


Dear mother, throughout your life, you have hustled hard to give me the finest upbringing, values, and education. I don’t know how to pay back for all your sacrifices, but I will throw a birthday party that the whole world will remember for ages. Wishing you a spectacular birthday celebration my awesome mother!

On your extremely special day, I wish you have the best time of your life, and you get the best gifts in the world along with all the love and attention. Happy birthday to the loveliest mom!

You are the best damn mother a son could ever ask for. I have no words to tell you how special you are to the whole family. No one can give me the kind of affection, attention, and nurturing you have given to me. Wishing the happiest birthday to the most magnificent woman in the world!

You have never got the appreciation you deserve. Since the day you entered this house, you have worked tirelessly and never asked for the due credits. You are the backbone of this awesome family. Thanks a lot for all the care and support. Happy birthday dear mother!

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You don’t need someone to tell you how awesome and barn the storming lady you are. Like a baby, you deserve all the pampering and surprises. I hope you get surrounded by all the happiness and love. Happy birthday my cute mother!

Today, I am going to celebrate the birthday of the most quintessential and swoon-worthy person in my life. You have always held my hands in all my ups and downs. Happy birthday to you my peppy mommy!

Maybe you don’t grasp my genuine words, but you are the only lady who resides in my heart. Thank you for every nice thing you have done for me. Happy birthday my lovely mommy!

Even if I say thanks to you at least a gazillion times, that won’t be enough. I hope your birthday celebration put all your female friends in big awe. Sending my warmest and heart-tugging hugs and kisses. I love you, mother. Happy birthday!

Undeniably, you are the only source of positive energy and high hopes in my life. Without you, life will become vapid and useless. Happy birthday to the biggest support of my life!

The man of integrity, values, and vision I am today is because of your impeccable upbringing and colossal encouragement. Thank you for showering everything you have on me. Happy birthday to my sweeter than sugar mother!

Under your care and shadow, I feel so comfy, vivacious, and frisky. You have given me so much love and affection that I am brimming with them. Sending all my love and care to the sweetest mother. Happy birthday to my super-loving mom!

A mother like you arrives once in a century to nurture a lucky kid like me. I am super proud to call you my dearest mother. Happy birthday to you!

Surely, I have touched all the heights of success and fame. But for you, I am still a little timid boy who loves to stick to you all the time. Wishing happy birthday to the most amazing mother!

Not only do I want to make you smile all the time but also I would love to fulfill all your wishes that you have kept hidden for ages. You have done a lot for everyone, now it’s my time to put all the happiness of the world at your feet. Happy birthday, super mommy!

You are the most special and the most fascinating woman in my life. I love you mommy from every fiber of my body. No matter how old you get, I will take care of you as I have always been doing. Wishing happy birthday to my lovely mother!

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The best part about having a mother like you is I don’t have to worry about stepping house after drinking and smoking. Jokes apart, you are my source of inspiration and it is always a great pleasure to be in your company. Happy birthday, mother!

May your infinite heart be filled with compassion, mercy, and kindness for everyone, and may your self-esteem keep increasing by leaps and bounds. Happy birthday and savor your day to the fullest!

I will always be immensely grateful to you for being such a supportive and incredibly patient mother. Under your tutelage, I have understood life to its core. Happy birthday my mother, my world!

If it were in my hands, I would have made the entire world clap for you on your birthday for being such an awesome and lovely mother. Today is your utterly blissful day, so let’s rock it. Happy birthday!