30+ Funny Birthday Quotes For Wife

More Than 30 Best Birthday Quotes For Wife Funny

It is a fact that wives are the most important person in anyone life.

They are not only a life partner but they are also the best companion, a confidante and also support us in our hard times.

They are the people with whom we always spent our good and bad days.

We can also share our life secrets and deep thoughts. It is an obvious thing that our wives always deserve the respect and our love that we can offer to them.

Wives birthday is the important and special day to celebrate and show them our love and respect. But the main question is how we can express our love? How do we put this respect and love into words?

So for this, the funny birthday quotes for wife are the best thing to show your love and respect. We all know that the bond between the wife and the husband is unique and strong.

That’s why every woman needs love and affection and even more if it is possible. When you spend too many years with your life partner then you might have to show your extra love, attention and respect, especially when there is a celebration like a wife’s birthday or any other celebration.

If it’s your wife’s birthday, then for this celebration you should go with the original gift but the main thing is that to show love respect words are also important.

For this funny birthday quotes are the best option for you. If you are wishing the birthday with the help of a physical gift but also with funny quotes, then it will be the best gift for her.

In this article, we are going to tell you the best funny birthday quotes for your wife, that you can use to wish a birthday.

Funny Birthday Quotes For Wife

Wife, at least you’re not as old as you will be this time next year. Have a great day!

Happy birthday to my sweetheart, I don’t have to ask how old you are today…. I’ve always known that you’re very old!

To my wife, I brought you some anti-ageing cream but then I realized, it’s too late for that. Have a great birthday.

Dear wife, you should start counting your blessings, me and your wrinkles. Happy birthday.

I would give you a hot kiss for every year you have been alive, but I wouldn’t want to burn you! Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to my angel or my devil, I’m not sure which you are.

Wife, if you think that ageing is a funny thing just wait until you look at the mirror.

Seven billion people on this earth and I got stuck with you. Have a very happy birthday.

Some people have a beautiful wife, some people have an intelligent wife, others have a stylish wife……and I have you. Happy birthday, dear.

best Birthday Quotes For Wife Funny

The saying goes that all you need is love, so I guess I don’t have to buy you any presents this year! Happy birthday to my wife.

The easiest way to remember your wife’s birthday is to forget it just once. Happy birthday to your darling wife.

You think that you are special because it is your birthday…….but you are special every day to me. Happy birthday to my wife.

You’re the only woman I would ever want to be trapped on an island with, have a wonderful birthday.

You look so good for your age, but I’m sure that is because you have a husband like me! Happy birthday.

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You are the reason I breathe, so please stay with me! Have a very happy birthday.

Happy birthday to my beautiful wife, I love you more than chips……and that is a lot!

Today is the one day of the year that I am grateful for my mother-in-law. Have a very happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the boss! May you have the day off from nagging me.

Happy birthday, wife! You are now thought of as a classic model!

It’s is not easy to find a gift for a fortunate wife like you, who already blessed with the most precious gem on Earth, a perfect husband, and that’s me, Happy birthday my wife and my darling!

My beautiful wife, you are right when you say age is only a number for you because, for the last three years, your age is 26, 26 and again today 26.

top funny Birthday Quotes For Wife

Don’t get surprised if people start offering their seats in public transport to you. Simply read above, “Reserved for senior citizens.”

My dear wife, You can’t count stars in the sky. You are lucky as your hairs will also remain uncountable for at-least some couple of years to come.

My beautiful wife, I was trying to turn your all desires and dreams into reality, as a gift on for your birthday, but I woke up early.

Don’t blame store owner for asking more money for candles than birthday cake, Yes it’s true, you are getting old but your heart is still young, happy birthday.

My gorgeous wife, you are more precious than diamonds and pearls, you are a priceless jewel, that’s why I’m not going to buy jewelry as your birthday gift.

We should not worry about the things that happened in the past, So don’t be sad about getting older. Happy birthday, my loving wife.

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On this special day, I would like to thank one kind, loving and caring lady for my happy married life, May god bless my mother-in-law, who brought you into this world.

We have no choice to choose our family, thank God husbands can choose their wives carefully!