Best funny wedding ring engraving quotes

A wedding ring or wedding band is a finger ring that shows that its wearer is hitched It is generally manufactured from metal, and customarily is produced of gold or another valuable metal.

Your wedding rings address your adoration and obligation to your accomplice. Adding an engraving allows you to customize the ring without any problem.
It’s likewise an immortal practice: Since bygone eras, individuals have been engraving their most adored bits of adornments with strict statements and sweet pledges expressing their commitment to one another. Deciding to etch your wedding rings is a beautiful method for causing your ring to feel like its really your own, however the cycle can feel threatening. You would rather not pick some unacceptable engraving or accomplish something that might actually change the manner in which your ring looks That’s the reason we have made a collection of funny wedding ring engraving quotes. Albeit many couples simply engrave their initials and their wedding date, your wedding band is considerably more of a loved memento when it contains the feeling of this exceptional day.

Here are some funny wedding ring engraving quotes for you.

Funny wedding ring engraving quotes:

100 Reasons & Counting

A Deal is a Deal

All the Feels

Better Luck Next Time

Better than Bacon

Can I Keep You?

Can’t Change Your Mind Now!

Challenge Accepted


Do Not Remove

Don’t Even Think About It

Finders Keepers

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

Happy Now?

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Hook, Line and Sinker

I Call Dibs

I Kissed You First!

I Know

I Love You More Than Coffee

I Love You More!

I Said It First

If Found, Keep Man and Return Ring

If Removed, Alarm Will Sound

Insert Finger Here

Last Call

Legally Mine

Let’s Do This!

Luckiest Man in the World

Max Level Achieved

Mine, All Mine!


My Partner In Crime

No Returns, No Exchanges!

NO Take Backs


Pinky Swear

Please Return With Man If Found

Property Of ________

Property Of (Spouse’s initials)

Put It Back On!

The Better Half

To Aid and Abet

To Be Continued…

To Love, Honor & Irritate

Trophy Wife

Two Wishes Left

Wedding date (Don’t Forget)

Why is This Off?

You Wore Me Down

You’re Stuck With Me Now!

You’re A Lucky Man

Short love quotes for ring engraving:

A Dream We Dream Together is Reality

Adventure Awaits

All I Am & All I Have

All I Want is a Lifetime With You

All My Love

All My Love, All My Life

All My Love Always & Forever

All of Me Loves All of You

All Ways, Always


Always, Always & Always

Always & Forever

As Long as There Are Stars

As Long as We Live Let Us Love

Beloved Husband/Wife

Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

Choose Love, Dream Forever

Come Live in My Heart Always

Destined to Be

Dreams Do Come True

Encircled in Love

Endless As This Shall Be Our Bliss

Eternal Love


Eternally Yours

Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours

Every Valley to Every Summit

Faith Hope & Love

Faithful Love Will Ever Last

For You Alone


Forever & Always

Forever and Ever

Forever and Forever and Forever and Forever and (continuous around ring)

Forever Begins (wedding date)

Forever Entwined

Forever in Love

Forever in My Heart

Forever Isn’t Long Enough


Friendship, Faithfulness, Love

From (wedding date) to Forever

From This Day Forward

Grow Old with Me

Happily Ever After Begins!

Happy Ever After

Here Is My Heart, Guard It Well

Home is Where We Are

How Do I Love Thee

How Much? Too Much!

I Can’t Wait for Forever With You

I Do

I Have, I Do & I Will

I Love You

I Love You More

I Love You No Matter What

I Love You To Infinity and Beyond

I Promise to Love You Forever

I Thee Wed

I’ll Love You Forever & Ever

I’m Always With You

If Ever Two Were One, Then Surely We

Short quotes for ring engraving:

Joined for Life

Joy Without End


Laughter, Honesty, Loyalty, Love

Let Us Go Then, You and I

Life Begins

Love, Courage, Truth and Light

Love, Faith, Hope Together

Love & Kisses

Love Is All in All

Love Is Eternal

Love is Forever

Love is the Greatest Adventure

Love is You

Love Me and Leave Me Not

Love of My Life

Love Sets Us Free

Loved With Purpose & Beyond Measure

More Than All the Stars

More Than Anything

More Than Yesterday, Less Than Tomorrow

My Best Friend

My End & My Beginning

My Forever Love

My Heart is in Your Hands

My Heart Is Your Heart Always

My Heart Is Yours

My Heart Is Yours Forever

My Life & My Love

My Life Begins

My Love, My Life, My Friend

My Love Is Forever Yours

My One True Love

My Partner, My Love, My Best Friend

My Stars & My Universe

Never Another You

Never Doubt I Love

Never to Part

No Heart More True Than Mine to You

No Matter What

No Remedy for Love But to Love More

Now and Forever

Once Together, Never Apart

One Heart

One Life, One Love

One Love, One Lifetime

Only You

Our Life Begins

Our Love is Eternal



The Beginning of Forever

The Best is Yet to Come

The Rest of Our Lives Starts Today

The Start of Something Beautiful

This Day and Always

‘Til Death Us Do Part

To Have and to Hold

To Love, Honor & Cherish Always

To Making Our Own Rules Forever

To My One & Only

To the Moon and Back

Today, Tomorrow, Always

Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Together Forever

True Love

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Two Become One

Two Hearts, One Life

Two Souls Entwined for Eternity

Two Souls, One Heart

Uncountable Blessings

United as One

Upon a Star

We Are Ours Now

We Did It!

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Wedding ring engraving ideas quotes:

The date you met

Your wedding date

I love you




J&M (your initials)

Your nickname for each other

To have and to hold

The infinity symbol

Happily ever after


Best funny wedding ring engraving quotes

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Best funny wedding ring engraving quotes

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