Top 100 + Gangsta Quotes To Give You Several Powerful Effects


For something like a remarkably aesthetic, we’ve collected a few of the best Gangsta Quotes. Gangsta is a concept directly from the source descriptor gangster, that is used to describe anyone who was impacted in initial Gangster teams or was of Irish or Italian ethnic background.

In several circumstances, the word gangsta would be used to facetiously mistreat a human, suggesting that they’ll never be as difficult just as they believe those who were also. Throughout other circumstances, people that want to commit violence to make a decent living commonly refer see themselves as gangster’s. Identity gangster may be individuals of overall gang members and therefore be implicated in gang violence, although some that use the name aren’t criminals or gangstas at all. Gangsters typically remain relatively low community members as well as criticize of there poor status in society on their choice of lifestyle.

References to gangsters can perhaps be acknowledged everywhere website. Although, we have a collection of the best Gangsta Quotes for you to have a remarkable impression.

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Gangsta Quotes


You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

I would rather die than give up my throne, LA Dodger fitter’s my crown California’s my home.

I ride two-seaters, it’s a cold world so I grab two heaters.

Hang to the side pass that sh. to the left imp rip this sh. And push it off my chest.

I and my gun took an oath together. Said I would never die if we were both together.

I went to Cleve land late last evening, to help my nil…s clean up some nil…is no longer breathing.

It’s funny how the game goes, new faces, but they look like the same hoes.

I’m too hot with two twins with no top and two locks. Outside of my trap spot look like a Benz lot. Gucci Mane

I’m a gangster, I’m a straight-up G. The gangster life is the life for me.

You shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house and if you got a glass jaw, you should watch your mouth: cause I’ll break your face.

I kick off wars and get behind walls and corporate doors, executive nose sore. Rich man, high, eight balls and quarters they call me, placing the orders.

Hit a Crip in the lip and watch the ee true color drip.

There’s gonna be a lot of slow singing and flower bringing if my burglar alarm starts ringing’

We don’t love them hoes.

You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife.

You betta back the Fu. Up, before you get smacked the Fu.Up!!!

I cook my paddies in the kitchen.

Alone Gangster Quotes


Go after the dream, not people.

Don’t stay in bed unless you are making money in bed.

Money, power, respect.

My body wants more sleep but my pocket wants more money.

Getting money and taking care of your family that’s gangsters else.

Money is just paper but it affects people like poetry.

Some people are so poor all they have is money.

I ’ma get money.

Money was never a big motivation for me.

Time is money

Make money not friends.

Money and success don’t change people but they raise out what is already there.

Money won’t buy you happiness but it will buy you a high grade of memories.

Stack your money and act broke.

The money you make is the symbol you create for yourself.

Money is not everything but everything needs money.

Don’t go broke trying to look rich.

Never spend your money before you earn it.

Once a gangster always a gangster.

Real friends shear the same enemies.

Some people are not your friends they are just scared to be your enemy.

Be careful who you call your friend.

Real friends never let you do stupid things alone.

Gangsta Quotes For Instagram


A real friend will always say good and nice behind your back and say stupid things in your face.

A good friend knows all your good and bad moments.

Hard and bad times will always reveal true friends.

Eat with your friends and never compete with them because the hustle is against poverty, not friendship.

Find friends with the same mental disorder as you.

Real friends are like stars you may not see them all the time but you know they are always there.

Always watch your back old friends can become the new enemy

They are not friends until they have defended you in your absence.

What can I do without a best friend?

If you find a trustworthy friend like Gustavo you will be rich like Pablo.

True friends are always together in spirit.

Every tall person needs a short best friend.

The language of friendship is not just words but meaning.

Friends are medicine to the wounded heart and vitamins for a hopeful soul.

A true is one who always brings out the best in you.

A true friendship refreshes the soul.

The only way to have a friend is to be one.

When you have one true friend you already have more than your share.

Longtime friends are the family that we chose.

Friends are like boobs some are small some are big some are real while some are fake.

A true friend is always your partner in crime.

True friends should be like books, few but hand-selected.

NBA YoungBoy Gangsta Quotes


Nobody is going to understand why you love someone the way you do.. except you.

They say I changed a lot, I say a lot changed me

Time is money I ain’t wasting time. I’m feeling’ like Kobe I’m in my prime.

Better stop showing more than people showing you

Play your role. Newer few somebody more that they fw you causes they’ll use your he again stains you

Without loyalty, you won’t accomplish anything. on loyalty

We all got the same 24 hours.. the time you spend speaking on me you could be getting yourself right.

We all lost a good bond over some wack sh*t

If I delete our pictures you lost me.

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To me, blood doesn’t define family loyalty does, cause it’s people that I’m related to that I don’t even consider family

You can only be mad at yourself for overplaying your part. .. just learning from it

Can see the pain in my eyes but I always smile an and a smile

My chest gotta an icebox inside it

Will I be pretending like I’m heartless when shit constantly getting to me every day

Cut me off before you hurt me I don’t have time for heartbreak

I don’t give up on people easy so just know, if I cut you off, you messed up

Feel like no both erect here for me & I’m okay with that

I am still tryna heal from my past while trying live like I’m okay

You are the one I want you are the one I need

Whenever you miss me just remember you had me, and I wasn’t enough

Gangsta Quotes For Her


A true friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

A real man always protects and puts his family first until his last breath.

My family is my only true homie.

Never take side with anyone against your family

Ain’t any hood like family?

Family is more seen in behavior than blood.

Never tell anybody outside your family what you are thinking.

Many men can build an empire but only a few can build a family.

A man that never spends time with his family can never be a real man.

Family is not all about blood you sheared. It is all about those who are willing to bleed for you.

We are a family we hunt together.

I don’t have friends I have families.

Never turn your back on your family even when they do.

Lord before I die let me get my family straight.

Keep your friends and your enemies closer.

Never trust a friend that chills with your enemies.

Never hate on your enemy it affects your judgment.

Be careful who to trust even the devil was once an angel.

Forgive your enemies but never forget their names.

Defeat your enemies with success.

When there is no enemy within the enemy outside can never hurt you.

A thousand known enemy is better than one unknown enemy.

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