Best 120+ Hafiz Quotes That Will Inspire You To Find Truth


Introduced with the poet’s philosophic reflections and wisdom, Hafiz Quotes center on the subjects of human and divine love. Hafiz Quotes reflect the various aspects of the human establishment if they are about God, really like, the soul, reality, or brightness.

A mystic poet, like Hafiz, is a poet who explores mystical ideas or the spiritual bond between humanity and God. Finding peace and the soul is heavily emphasized. Hafiz, or at least the words we attribute to him, certainly do that because they are poetic and lovely. Other themes in Hafiz’s writings include fear, grief, and peace. Hafiz wants to see people “living in better conditions” because he thinks that “fear is the cheapest room in the house.”

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Hafiz Quotes


Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends.

Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive.

Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.

Don’t surrender your loneliness so quickly. Let it cut you deeper. Let it ferment and season you as few humans and even divine ingredients can. Something missing in my heart tonight has made my eyes so soft, my voice so tender, and my need for God clear.

This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you.

Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living in better conditions.

For I have learned that every heart will get What it prays for Most.

Run my dear, from anything that may not strengthen your precious budding wings. Run like hell my dear, From anyone likely To put a sharp knife into the sacred, tender vision of your beautiful heart.

The small man builds cages for everyone he knows While the sage, who has to duck his head when the moon is low, Keeps dropping keys all night long For the beautiful rowdy prisoners.

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Learn to recognize the counterfeit coins That may buy you just a moment of pleasure, But then drag you for days Like a broken man Behind a farting camel.

Listen; this world is the lunatic’s sphere, Don’t always agree it’s real, Even with my feet upon it And the postman knowing my door My address is somewhere else.

Now that all your worry has proved such an unlucrative business. Why not find a better job.

Start seeing everything as God, But keep it a secret.

When all your desires are distilled; You will cast just two votes: To love more, And be happy.

I am in love with every church And mosque And temple And any kind of shrine Because I know it is there That people say the different names Of the One God.

Only heart-to-heart can speak the bliss of mystic knowers.

Only a Perfect One who is always laughing at the word two can make you know of Love.

The lips of the one I love are my perpetual pleasure…

On the holy boughs of the Celestial Tree High up in the heavenly fields, Beyond terrestrial desire My soul-bird a warm nest has built.

Your life within God’s arms, Your dance within God’s arms, Is already Perfect!

Speak but little, and that little only when thy purposes require it. Heaven has given thee two ears but only one tongue, which means: listen to two things, but be not the first to propose one.

In the time of trouble avert not thy face from hope, for the soft marrow abideth in the hard bone.

Woe to the dupe that yields to Fate!

You have waltzed with tremendous style, my sweet, O my sweet, crushed angel.

Hafiz Quotes On Peace


An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.

Grieve not; though the journey of life is bitter, and the end unseen, no road does not lead to an end.

I once asked a bird, how is it that you fly in this gravity of darkness? She responded, ‘love lifts me.’

Your love Should never be offered to the mouth of a Stranger, Only to someone Who has the valor and daring To cut pieces of their soul off with a knife and Then weave them into a blanket To protect you.

I caught the happy virus last night When I was out singing beneath the stars. It is remarkably contagious – So kiss me.

Join me in the pure atmosphere of gratitude for life.

Pulling out the chair beneath your mind And watching you fall upon God What else is there for Hafiz to do that is any fun in this world!

And the sun and the moon sometimes argue over who will tuck me in at night. If you think I am having more fun than anyone on this planet, you are correct.

Come Dance with Me, come dance.

Fear is the cheapest room in the house.

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The sun will stand as your best man And whistle When you have found the courage To marry forgiveness When you have found the courage to marry Love.

The heart is a thousand-stringed instrument that can only be tuned with love.

Light will someday split you open.

How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all of its beauty? It felt the encouragement of Light against its being; otherwise, we all remain too frightened.

Laugh because that is the purest sound.

Everyone Is God speaking. Why not be polite and listen to Him?

The Earth would die If the sun stopped kissing her.

What is this precious love and laughter budding in our hearts? It is the glorious sound of a soul waking up!

I am happy even before I have a reason.

Your separation from God is the hardest work you will ever do.

My dear, Is it true that your mind is sometimes like a battering Ram Running all through the city, Shouting so madly inside and out About the ten thousand things That do not matter?

Carry your heart through this world like a life-giving sun.

Now is the time to know that all that you do is sacred.

There is no pleasure without a tincture of bitterness.

Best Hafiz Quotes On Light


Love sometimes wants to do us a great favor: hold us upside down and shake all the nonsense out.

I Have Learned so much from God That I can no longer call myself A Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, A Buddhist, or a Jew.

What do sad people have in common? It seems they have all built a shrine to the past and often go there and do a strange wail and worship. What is the beginning of Happiness? It is to stop being so religious like that.

One regret dear world, that I am determined not to have when I am lying on my deathbed is that I did not kiss you enough.

Oh, you who are trying to learn the marvel of Love through the copybook of reason, I’m very much afraid that you will never really see the point.

I am a hole in a flute that Christ’s breath moves through. Listen to this music.

When no one is looking, I swallow deserts and clouds and chew on mountains knowing they are sweet bones! When no one is looking and I want to kiss God, I just lift my hand to my mouth.

I should not make any promises right now, But I know if you Pray Somewhere in this world – Something good will happen.

I know you have a hundred complex cases against God in court, but never mind, let’s just get out of this mess.

The great religions are the ships, Poets the lifeboats. Every sane person I know has jumped overboard.

We have come into this exquisite world to experience ever and ever more deeply Our divine courage, freedom, and light!

Plant a Seed so your Heart will Grow.

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It is written on the gate of heaven: Nothing in existence is more powerful than destiny. And destiny brought you here, to this page, which is part of your ticket-as all things are-to return to God.

There is A madman inside of you Who is always running for office.

For a day, just for one day, talk about that which disturbs no one and bring some peace into those beautiful eyes.

Sing because this is food our starving world needs. Laugh because that is the purest sound.

How seamless seemed to love and then came trouble!

The tide of my love Has risen so high let me flood over You.

Now is the time to understand That all your ideas of right and wrong Were just a child’s training wheels To be laid aside When you finally live With veracity And love.

I rarely let the word No escape from my mouth, because it is so plain to my soul that God has shouted, Yes! Yes! Yes! To every luminous movement in existence.

When you can make others laugh with jokes that belittle no one and your words always unite, Hafiz will vote for you to be God.

How Do I Listen to others? As if everyone were my Master Speaking to me His Cherished Last Words.

I long for You so much I follow barefoot Your frozen tracks That are high in the mountains That I know are years old. I long for You so much I have even begun to travel Where I have never been before.

We are People who need to love because Love is the soul’s life, Love is simply creation’s greatest joy.

Hafiz Quotes Sun And Moon


Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, ‘you owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that! It lights up the whole sky.

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your being.

And the sun and the moon sometimes argue over who will tuck me in at night. If you think I am having more fun than anyone on this planet, you are correct.

There are different wells within your heart. Some fill with each good rain, Others are far too deep for that.

This is the kind of Friend You are – Without making me realize My soul’s anguished history, You slip into my house at night, And while I am sleeping, You silently carry off All my suffering and sordid past In Your beautiful Hands.

The world is like an eye, a beard, a spot of beauty, and an eyebrow, Where each thing is neatly in place.

Let tenderness pour from your eyes, the way the Sun gazes warmly on earth.

Let’s get loose with Compassion. Let’s drown in the deli ambiance of Love.

Come, for the House of Hope is built on sand: bring wine, for the fabric of, life is as weak as the wind.

If like the prophet Noah, you have patience in the distress of the flood, Calamity turns aside, and the desire of a thousand years comes forth.

Run my dear, From anything That may not strengthen Your precious budding wings.

What we speak becomes the house we live in.

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Why not become the one Who lives with a full moon in each eye That is always saying, With that sweet moon Language What every other eye in this world Is dying to Hear?

We have not come here to take prisoners But to surrender ever more deeply To freedom and joy.

The moon asked me to meet her in a field tonight. I think she has amorous ideas.

A poet is someone who can pour light into a cup, then raise it to nourish your beautiful parched, holy mouth.

True art awakens the Extraordinary Ovation.

Not loving is a letting go. Listen, The terrain around here Is Far too Dangerous For That.

Words have no language which can utter the secrets of love, and beyond the limits of expression is the expounding of desire.

Think of suffering as being washed.

What is the root of all these words? One thing: Love. But a love so deep and sweet it needed to express itself with scents, sounds, and colors that never before existed.

God and I have built an immense fire together. We keep each other happy and warm.

I have no use for divine patience – My lips are now burning and everywhere. I am running from every corner of this earth and sky Wanting to kiss you.

Be content with what thou hast received, and smooth thy frowning forehead, for the door of choice is not open either to thee or me.

Every desire of your body is holy; Every desire of your body is Holy.

Hafez Quotes About Love


The heart is a thousand–stringent that can only be tuned with Love.

We have not come into this exquisite world to hold To ourselves hostage from love.

You will find yourself knee-deep in ecstasy when all your talents to love have reached their heights.

We are people who need to love because love is the soul’s life, love is simply creation’s greatest joy.

Lovers don’t tell all of their secrets.

I am full of love tonight, come look into my eyes and let’s go off sailing my dear, on a long ocean ride.

What is the root of all these words? One thing: love.

Listen, Hafiz knows, that nothing evolves us like love.

The closer I get to you, Beloved, the more I can see it is just you and I all alone in this world.

And love says, I will, I will take care of you, to everything near.

The heart is right to cry even when the smallest drop of light, of love, is taken away.

Time is a factory where everyone slaves away earning enough love to break their chains.

People say that the soul, on hearing the song of creation, entered the body, but in reality, the soul itself was the song.

The earth has disappeared beneath my feet, It fled from all my ecstasy. Now like a singing air creature I feel the rose keep opening.

Greatness is always built on this foundation: the ability to appear, speak and act, as the most common man.

Hair disheveled, smiling lips, sweating and tipsy, garment torn, singing a love song, glass in hand, picking a quarrel, chanting a spell, yesterday at midnight she came and sat by my bed.

Grieve not because thou understand-not life’s mystery; behind the veil is concealed many a delight.

On the neck of a young man sparkles no gem so gracious as an enterprise.

We don’t need sugar, flour, rice, or anything else. We just want to see our dear ones.

The world is a bride of surpassing beauty-but remember that this maiden is never bound to anyone.

Poetry reveals that there is no space.

This sky where we live is no place to lose your wings so love, love, love.

All your wounds from craving love Exist because of heroic deeds.

Love is simply the creation’s greatest joy.

Happiness is right in front of you.

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