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We collect all these Lilo and Stitch quotes from their movies which were very popular among the children. These Lilo and Stitch quotes for especially stories readers,

Lilo and Stitch are one of those Disney films that just work. It has enough actual sorrow and worries to take us on an emotional trip while still including enough whimsy and fantasy to keep us from being entirely depressed. It’s a delicate balance that Disney masters and the film about an orphaned little Hawaiian girl raised by her adolescent sister are one of the greatest examples.

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The film was so popular that it spawned a whole franchise. Stitch! The Movie, a direct-to-video sequel from Disney, was released on August 26, 2003. The film served as a pilot for the Lilo & Stitch: The Series television series, which aired from September 20, 2003, to July 29, 2006.

Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch, a second direct-to-video sequel, was released in August 2005 as a direct sequel to Lilo & Stitch (meaning it was set before Stitch! The Movie). The TV series was concluded with the third sequel, Leroy & Stitch, which was released as a television film in June 2006.

Heartfelt and sad Lilo and Stitch quotes

Heartfelt and sad Lilo and Stitch quotes

This is my family. I found it, all on my own. It’s little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good. ― Stitch

Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten. ― Lilo

Our family’s little now, and we don’t have many toys… But if you want, you could be a part of it. You could be our baby, and we’d raise you to be good. ― Lilo

But if you want to leave, you can. I’ll remember you though. I remember everyone that leaves. ― Lilo

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Let me illuminate you on the precarious situation you’ve found yourself in. I am the one they call when things go wrong, and things have indeed gone wrong. ― Mr. Cobra Bubbles

Nani: I shouldn’t have yelled at you…

Lilo:We’re sisters… It’s our job.

It’s me again. I need someone to be my friend. Someone who won’t run away. ― Lilo

You can’t take her! I’m the only one who understands her! If you take her away, she won’t stand a chance! ― Nani

Lilo, if they only liked you because you had a cute pet, then who needs them? You have to trust your real friends. ― Nani

Stitch, for one. He’s a royal pain, but he’s loyal, and he’d never ever ever do anything that would hurt you. That’s a true friend. ―Nani

We’re a broken family, aren’t we? ―Lilo

Starving yourself won’t bring him back, Lilo. ― Nani

Lilo and Stitch quotes about love

Fans all throughout the world adore the inspirational quotes from ‘Lilo and Stitch.’ These statements not only inspire but also promote love. Here are some quotations from the movie “Lilo and Stitch” that will melt your heart and illustrate the exquisite sensation of love.


I’m sorry I bit you… and pulled your hair… and punched you in the face… ― Lilo

Leave me alone to diiiiie. ― Lilo

Elvis Presley was a model citizen. I’ve compiled a list of his traits for you to practice. Number one… is dancing! ― Lilo

If I give Pudge tuna, I’d be an abomination! ― Lilo

Wanna play Battle of the Greek City-States? Stitch and me can be the fierce Spartans, and you can be the decadent Athenians. ― Lilo

Lilo:Your knuckles say cobra…Cobra Bubbles… you don’t… *look* like a social worker.

Mr. Cobra Bubbles: I’m a special classification.

Lilo: Did you ever kill anyone?

Mr. Cobra Bubbles: We’re getting off the subject.

Cobra Bubbles:Let’s talk about you. Are you… happy?

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Lilo: I’m adjusted. I eat all four food groups, and look both ways before crossing the street… and take long naps…and get disciplined?

Mr. Cobra Bubbles: Disciplined?

Lilo: Yeah! She disciplines me real good. Sometimes five times a day! With bricks!

Mr. Cobra Bubbles: Bricks?

Lilo: Uh huh… in a pillow case…

Hey! Three days ago, I bought Stitch at the shelter. I paid two dollars for him. See this stamp? I own him. If you take him, you’re stealing. ― Lilo

You know, you wreck everything you touch. Why not try and make something for a change? ― Lilo

Funny Lilo and Stitch quotes and sayings

Funny Lilo and Stitch quotes and sayings

Okay, that’s enough sugar for you! Go out and play, you little cutie. The other social workers just thought she was a scream. ―Nani

I think it’s a koala, an evil koala. I can’t even pet him! He just keeps staring at me, like he’s gonna eat me! ― Nani

Rescue Lady:Oh yes, mmhmm, all of our dogs are adoptable…Except that one!

Nani: What is that thing?

Rescue Lady: A dog, I think… But it was dead this morning…

Nani: It was dead this morning?

Rescue Lady: Well we thought it was dead, it was hit by a truck!

This is your badness level. It’s unusually high for someone your size. ― Lilo

Look! A mosquito has chosen me as her perch. She’s so beautiful. There’s another one, and another. It’s a whole flock. They like me. They’re nuzzling my flesh with their noses. Now they’re… they’re… Aaaaaaaah! ― Pleakley

Nani:Did you catch fire again?

David: No just the stage.

Lilo:Don’t worry. She likes your butt and fancy hair. I know. I read her diary.

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David: She thinks it’s fancy?

Rescue Lady:You have to think of a name for him.

Lilo: His name is…’Stitch’.

Rescue Lady: Now that’s not a real name…in Iceland… But here it’s a good name! Stitch it is.

Gantu:What is that monstrosity?

Jumba: Monstrosity? What you see before you is the first of a new species. I call it Experiment 626. It is fire-proof, bullet-proof, and can think faster than super computer. It can see in the dark, and lift objects three thousand times its size. It’s only instinct… to destroy everything it touches! Ha ha ha ha!

Grand Councilwoman: So it IS a monster.

Jumba: Eh, just a little one.

Thus far, you have been adrift in the sheltered harbor of my patience. ― Mr. Cobra Bubbles

Captain Gantu: Abomination!

Stitch: Stupid-head!

Look at him, Lilo. He’s obviously mutated from something else! We have to take it back!― Nani

Aliens are all about rules. ― Mr. Cobra Bubbles

The stitch is not bad. Stitch fluffy! ― Stitch

Oh good! I was hoping to add theft, endangerment, and insanity to my list of things I did today! ― Pleakley

Lilo and Stitch Instagram Captions

Lilo and Stitch Instagram Captions

This is my family. I found it, all on my own. It’s little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good. –Stitch

My friends need to be punished. -Lilo

I promise not to yell at you, except on special occasions. -Nan

I may not be a doctor, but I know there’s no better cure for a sour face than a couple of boards and some choice waves. -David

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You wreck everything you touch. Why not try and make something for a change? -Lilo

Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind. -Lilo

The manager’s a vampire. He wanted me to join his legion of the undead. -Nani

This is your badness level. It’s unusually high for someone your size. We have to fix that. -Lilo

I eat all four food groups, and look both ways before crossing the street and take long naps… -Lilo

A falling star… I have to make a wish! -Lilo

Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. –Lilo & Stitch