Lessons for Humanity: ‘Lord of the Flies’ Quotes

Lord of the Flies quotes

Great literature is created by geniuses.  But it is great not only because of its works. It is also great because of the trace it leaves behind. Great literature leaves a deep mark on our minds and hearts. The famous novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding is no exception.

This allegorical novel reveals a number of life truths and valuable lessons to readers. It does this through a terrifying story about a group of children and teenagers who survived on a desert island.

We can say that the whole world created by the author reflects our modern world.  It can evoke different interpretations.  In the article below, we propose to analyze the most interesting quotes from Lord of the Flies. That is, we will try to understand what lessons they can teach us.

Lord of the Flies Quotes About Savagery

Savagery in the heart of man never dies.

Let’s start our study of Lord of the Flies quotes with the chapter where the children are on a deserted island. They have to survive on their own. One of the quotes worth noting can be summarized as Savagery in the heart of man never dies.

With this phrase, the author convinces us that there is a wild and primitive beginning in each of us. Through the events in the novel, he proves the following.

When there are no rules and regulations of civilization, we completely lose control of our instincts. And barbarism begins. This quote convincingly reminds us of the importance of civilized upbringing.

People make sacrifices when they are afraid, when they are frightened

You can also quote such words as People make sacrifices when they are afraid, when they are frightened. This phrase indicates how stressful situations can affect our actions and decisions.

In the book, a group of children are faced with difficult moral choices. So, the novel hints that it is important to remain humane and adhere to moral values. Even when it is very difficult.

Which is better-to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill? What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages?

Lord of the Flies by William Golding is one of those books that not only leave unforgettable impressions. It also makes you think.

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Lord of the Flies quote

Belief in Evil and Goodness

All humans have the ability to be evil in the right setting.

The novel also touches on the theme of belief in evil and good. One of the Lord of the Flies quotes reads … all humans have the ability to be evil in the right setting.

This phrase indicates that every person can have both evil and good in them. It is essential to be able to distinguish between these deep concepts. Belief in evil leads to violence and conflict. Therefore, it is important to strive to maintain harmony and cultivate kindness.

Power and Corruption

Power lies head-to-head with counsel.

Another valuable Lord of the Flies quotation is the following. Power lies head-to-head with counsel. This means that power can be dangerous when it is concentrated in the hands of one person.

When it is not controlled. In Lord of the Flies, we see how power can lead to corruption and abuse.  This is an essential lesson for modern society.

The Search for Truth and Conscious Choice

We fight like sheep and run away like sheep. And so, we feel our own backwardness.

In one of the quotes from the novel, the author says We fight like sheep and run away like sheep. And so, we feel our own backwardness.

This phrase emphasizes the importance of conscious choice and analysis. The main characters of the novel suffer losses. But it is important to understand your mistakes to achieve truth and improvement.

Rebellion Against Social Pressure

We are the ones who go.

The book also contains the quote We are the ones who go. This can be seen as a challenge to stereotypes and groupthink.

The characters decided to go their own way. Even if this road was dangerous and difficult. This phrase inspires us to rebel against social pressure and stand up for our own beliefs.

The Threat of Bigotry

We were already different, just like they were.

Another important quote is We were already different, just like they were. This is a thought about how quickly people can change under the influence of circumstances and internal demons.

It is also a warning about the dangers of fanaticism. When a bad force that controls a person turns friends into enemies.

This head is for the beast. It’s a gift.

One of the boys says this phrase and offers it to the so-called beast as a gift. To calm it down. The phrase personifies the boys’ descent into savagery. It shows their willingness to sacrifice innocents.

And all this just to protect themselves from an imaginary threat. The pig’s head represents the boys’ fall into barbarism. And thus, the loss of their humanity. It symbolizes the evil and darkness that is inside each of them. And the willingness to succumb to it.

In general, the quote represents the false idea of a “beast” that is a symbol of their own inner demons. This is a clear example of how language can be used to convey the theme of a story and the inner workings of its characters.


The quotes describеd above from Lord of the Flies by William Golding are just a few of the many wise and important phrases we can find in this book. Each of them gives us the opportunity to understand human nature more deeply.

To understand the importance of moral values. To see the consequences of the loss of humanity. Lord of the Flies leaves a mark on the reader. It reminds us that we must always remain human.

Even in the most difficult circumstances. In other words, quotes from Lord of the Flies allow us to think about deep questions. The latter are about morality, power, humanity, etc.

This novel leaves an unforgettable impression and inspires reflection. Despite how many years have passed since it was written, its lessons remain relevаnt and important for our world today.

Despite the changes that have taken place in the world, the lessons from Lord of the Flies remain valid, helping us to better understand ourselves and the world around us.