50+ Most Famous Villain Quotes


These Villain Quotes allow us to appreciate their point of view and realize that many villains are merely misunderstood, persons. Yes, they may act in a deplorable manner, but they have legitimate reasons for doing so. Perhaps they were trained to act the way they do because their early life was filled with misery and misfortune.

Villains don’t simply exist on the big screen or the stage. Unfortunately, villains are an unavoidable aspect of life. They are in the people around us, yet they are oblivious to the fact that they are villains, as these statements demonstrate. One man’s terrorist is another man’s hero, and the same may be said for villains.

We may apply the same logic to life. Villains are real people with real sentiments, and in their heads, they are frequently heroes against villains who have mistreated them. Because the reality isn’t a Disney or Marvel movie, we’re all villains in someone else’s tale.

Many of these villain quotes demonstrate how blurry the line between heroes and villains can be. They also emphasize the importance of a villain in each great tale. Prepare to have everything you thought you knew about villains called into question!

Live as a villain, die as a hero. Banksy

You can figure out what the villain fears by his choice of weapons. Connie Brockway

Nobody is a villain in their own story. We’re all the heroes of our own stories. George R. R. Martin

A villain is just a victim whose story hasn’t been told. Chris Colfer

I prefer a real villain to a false hero. Killer Mike

One may smile, and smile, and be a villain. William Shakespeare

Well, I think there are no villains in this world. There are just misunderstood heroes. Tom Hiddleston

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You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain. Aaron Eckhart

The more successful the villain, the more successful the picture. Alfred Hitchcock

One murder makes a villain; millions, a hero. Charlie Chaplin

I’m often painted as the bad guy, and the artistic part of me wants to hand out the brush. Criss Jami

There are only three types of citizenship: hero, villain, and nobody. Toba Beta

Someone with a victim mindset is always looking for a villain to blame and a situation to suffer from. Steve Maraboli

I’m not a role model. I’m a role villain. Marilyn Manson

Not all people are obsessed with love in their life, some are just obsessed to need a villain because they want to be a Hero. Nitya Prakash

Villain Quotes That Hit Hard

All the true heroes of history will be forgotten and all the villains will be remembered as heroes. Leo Tolstoy

The villain of any story is often the most compelling character. John Hodgman

Villains are mostly just people villainized by circumstance. Chris Colfer

History is moving pretty quickly these days, and the heroes and villains keep on changing parts. Ian Fleming

A cinema villain essentially needs a mustache so he can twiddle with it gleefully as he cooks up his next nasty plan. Mel Brooks

I think all of us have a hero and a villain in us. Anson Mount.

So easily do weak men put in high positions turn villains. Dmitry Pisarev

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Maybe that was why I adored horror movies and true crime. I identified with the villain, the foe, the outsider. I was always the person who didn’t belong. Kayla Krantz

Sometimes a villain is very quiet – it makes them more deadly, more intellectual. Dave Filoni

Life is not a cinema; indeed both the hero and the villain will die in the end. J. Lepika

One of the greatest things about playing a villain is people wondering when he’s going to make his comeback. Michael McMillian

Your enemy is never a villain in his own eyes. Robert A. Heinlein

The only difference between a hero and a villain is…Who is telling the story! Nitya Prakash

​​​​​​​Life is not simple, and people can’t be boxed into being either heroes or villains. Jessica Hagedorn

Villain Quotes Anime

Villain Quotes Anime

I can’t develop feelings. That’s how most idiots screw up. – Light Yagami

In this world, there are very few people who actually trust each other. – Light Yagami

You can’t ever win if you’re always on the defensive. To win, you have to attack! – Light Yagami

The opposite of boredom is not pleasure… but excitement. People will gladly seek out any kind of excitement, even pain. – Shogo Makishima

I think the only time people really have value is when they act according to their own will. – Shogo Makishima

When a man faces fear, his soul is tested. What he was born to seek… what he was born to achieve… his true nature will become clear. – Shogo Makishima

Beautiful flowers, too, eventually wither and fall. That’s the fate of all living beings. – Shogo Makishima

When people are protecting something truly precious to them. They truly can become…as strong as they need to be! – Haku

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Even innocent foolish children will grow up in the face of pain until their thoughts and beliefs are the same as their doubts. – Pain

Laws exist only for those who cannot live without clinging to them. – Sosuke Aizen

Any betrayal you can see is trivial, what is truly frightening and much more lethal, is the betrayal you cannot see. – Sosuke Aizen

Admiration is the furthest thing from understanding. – Sosuke Aizen

The weak are destined to lie beneath the boots of the strong. If that angers you, overcome your deficits. – Esdeath

The big secret to breaking the rules is to make it look as though you’re following them. – Johan Liebert

In this world, the weak are the sustenance of the strong. The strong live, the weak die. – Makoto Shishio

If today is the worst day ever – tomorrow has to be better. – Ikusaba Marco

There are worthless things, but there are no meaningless things. – Kirei Kotomine

Conflict is humanity’s primal instinct. Eliminating it would mean eliminating humanity itself. – Kirei Kotomine

It’s human nature not to realize the true value of something unless they lose it. – Orochimaru

Isn’t the foolishness of the few a more precious commodity than the wisdom of the masses? – Gilgamesh

Hero Turned Villain Quotes

Hero Turned Villain Quotes

I prefer a real villain to a false hero. ― Killer Mike

There’s no hero without a villain. ― Mark Pellegrino

If you have not been a villain at a certain point in time, you will never be a hero. And the day you are a hero, you may become a villain the next day. ― Carlos Ghosn

I think all of us have a hero and a villain in us. ― Anson Mount

Some people are cowards… I think by and large a third of people are villains, a third are cowards, and a third are heroes. Now, a villain and a coward can choose to be a hero, but they’ve got to make that choice. ― Tom Hanks

When you are a hero, you are always running to save someone, sweating, worried and guilty. When you are a villain, you are just lurking in the shadows waiting for the hero to pass by. Then you pop them in the head and go home… piece of cake. ― James Marsters

America has this fascination with glorifying the villain and not talking about the trials and tribulations. We tell the story of the successful villain a lot of times, but we don’t tell the story of the people who don’t come out so successful, and we don’t tell the story of all the bystanders of that choice. ― Lecrae

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Who is to say who is the villain, and who is the hero? Probably the dictionary. ― Joss Whedon

Love is willing to become to villain so that the one who you love can stay a hero. ― Josephine Angelini

The ability to heal does not make one good any more than the ability to kill makes one evil. Kill the right people, and you become a hero. Heal the wrong ones, and you become a villain. It is our choices that define us, not our abilities. ― Michelle Hodkin, The Retribution of Mara Dyer

It was easier to tell a hero from a villain when the stakes were only life or death. Everything in between gets harder. ― Maggie Stiefvater, The Raven King

Well, I think there are no villains in this world. There are just misunderstood heroes. ― Tom Hiddleston

Life is not simple, and people can’t be boxed into being either heroes or villains. ― Jessica Hagedorn

Both villains and heroes need to have a steadfast belief in themselves. ― Jack Gleeson

The Joker is my favorite villain of all time: You don’t know his past; you just know what his plans are. ― The Weeknd

Villain Quotes from Movies

Villain Quotes from Movies


I’m not handsome enough to be James Bond. Maybe a villain, though. – Matt Smith

We lose more women to marriage than war, famine, and disease. –Cruella de Vil, ‘101 Dalmatians’, 1961

In Hollywood, they usually cast me as villains or priests. – Max von Sydow

I speak better English than this villain, Bush. – Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

I’m not a villain, I’ve never hurt anyone. I’m just a tawdry character who explodes now and again. – Oliver Reed

I am just stupefied here. The left has officially stamped it now: Oil is a villain. Now, please ask yourselves: When did this start? – Rush Limbaugh

Because I’m a filmmaker at heart, I know a villain can’t be too humanized and the audience can’t empathize with him too much. – Sharlto Copley

Great villains make great movies. – Staton Rabin

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Your enemy is never a villain in his own eyes. – Robert A. Heinlein

Being a villain is great, even though I’ve only gotten to do it a few times. – Shawn Ashmore

Maybe I am the villain in your story, but I am the hero in mine. Shon Mehta

If life has taught me one thing, it’s that there are no villains. Only people, doing their best. Joe Abercrombie

Am I still a hero if the only person I save is myself? Am I still a villain if the only person I hurt is myself? B. Damani

In an evil society, a villain is a hero because only the villain can speak the truth. T.J. Kirk

Villains are a lot of fun. My villains have a lot of tongue-in-cheek. They are sometimes conscious of and a little bit gleeful of their villainy. John Rhys-Davies