Best 90 + Mandalorian Quotes Also From The Star Wars Tv Series


The Mandalorian takes place after the collapse of something like the Empire but before the rise of the First Order (after Return of the Jedi and before The ForceAwakens). The Mandalorian is an initiative film including some great dialogue! Here are some of the best of all time  Mandalorian Quotes.

We would have to wait a while longer for that though, which was well justified. From a second season that is still in the making and a third on the way, ‘The Mandalorian’ on Disney is a show you don’t want to miss. Now put on your hunter gear and take a little film.

Here on the case, he meets many characters, including the lovely Cara Dune, Ahsoka Tona, Moff Gideon, Kuiil, Greef, and many others, through whom we have some of The Mandalorian Quotes. So, even if you’re trying for motivational Mandalorian fighting Quotes from one of the finest ‘Star Wars’ bounty hunters, you’ve appeared to be coming to the correct place.

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Mandalorian Quotes


I’m a Mandalorian. Weapons are part of my religion.- Mando, ‘The Mandalorian’, Season 1.

I can bring you warm or bring you in cold.- Mando, ‘The Mandalorian’.

Stop touching things.- Mando, ‘The Mandalorian’.

Don’t be afraid.-Mando, ‘The Mandalorian’.

A Mandalorian and a Jedi? They’ll never see it coming.-Mando, ‘The Mandalorian’.

I like those odds.-Mando, ‘The Mandalorian’.

Bad news. You can’t live here anymore.-Mando, ‘The Mandalorian’.

Wherever he goes, I go.— Mando, ‘The Mandalorian’, Season 2.

We need to talk.-Mando, ‘The Mandalorian’.

He means more to me than you will ever know.-Mando, ‘The Mandalorian’.

Unless we show them how.-Mando, ‘The Mandalorian’.

Do not self-destruct. We’re shooting our way out.-Mando, ‘The Mandalorian’.

I’m sorry, lady. I don’t understand frog.-Mando, ‘The Mandalorian’.

No living thing has seen me without my mask. Until Now.-Mando, ‘The Mandalorian’.

Mandalorian Quotes About Baby Yoda


The Mandalorian: Do not self-destruct. We’re shooting our way out.

Kuril: I have spoken.

The Mandalorian: The kid’s coming with me.

The Client: Such a large bounty for such a small package.

The Mandalorian: Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna walk to my ship, with the kid.

Greef Carga: You put the bounty down and perhaps I’ll let you pass.

The Mandalorian: Real backwater skug hole. Means it’s perfect for us.

The Mandalorian: Well, looks like this planet’s taken.

The Mandalorian: What is it?

Kuril: What it is, I don’t know. But what it does, this I’ve heard rumors of.

Kuril: Do not cast doubt upon that of what I am nor whom I shall serve.

Moff Gideon: Your storied lives will come to an unceremonious end.

Greef Karga: Come on, Baby. Do the magic hand thing.

Cara: Take care of this little one.

Greef Karga: Or maybe it will take care of you.

Mandalorian Quotes About Grogu


Grogu and I can feel each other’s thoughts. — Ahsoka Tano

Come, little one. — Luke Skywalker

Such a large bounty for such a small package. — The Client

The Mandalorian: He doesn’t want to go with you.Luke Skywalker: He wants your permission.

The kid’s coming with me. — The Mandalorian

Come on, baby! Do the magic hand thing. — Greef Karga

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Wherever I go, he goes. — The Mandalorian

What it is, I don’t know. But what it does, this I’ve heard rumors of. — Kuril

Mandalorian isn’t a race. — Cara Dune

It’s gonna break his little heart. — Cara Dune

Pay up, Mudscuffers. — Cara Dune

You got a real thing for Droids. — Cara Dune

Badass The Mandalorian Quotes


Wherever I go, he goes. – Mando

This is the way. – Mano

Do you gamble, Mando? – For Koresh

I’m not leaving my fate up to chance. – Mando

Give it to me now or I will peel it off your corpse. – For Koresh

You will not die by my hand. – Mando

If this thing ever divides or buds, I will gladly pay for the offspring. – Peli

I’ve been searching for you for many parsecs. – Mando

I know you’re good at killing. – Cobb

I’ve never met a real Mandalorian. Heard stories, I know you’re good at killing. And probably none too happy to see me wearing this hardware. – Cobb

We’re going to do this in front of the kid? – Cobb

It started after we got news of the Death Star blowing up. The second one, that is. – Cobb

I guess every once in a while both suns shine on a womp rats tail. – Cobb

I’ve lived on Tatooine my whole life- there’s no such thing as an abandoned Sarlacc pit. – Cobb

There is if you eat the Sarlacc. – Mando

You finally found a Mandalorian and ya killed him? – Peli

I’m not a taxi service. – Mando

We’re lucky if we get off this frozen tomb with our lives. – Mando

I thought honoring one’s word was a part of the Mandalorian code. I guess those are just stories for children. – Frog Lady

Strap yourselves in. This is better work. – Mando

Am I under arrest? – Mando

It might get a little choppy. – Mando

If we don’t burn to a crisp. – Mando

You do not cover your face. You are not one of them. – Mando

There is only one way. the way of the Mandalore. – Mando

Long live the Empire. – Moff Gideon

Don’t let them touch you. – Mando

Mandalorian Quotes This Is The Way


I’ll see you again. I promise.– The Mandalorian

Such a large bounty for such a small package.– The Client

Are We gonna do this in front of the kid?– Cobb Vanth

Pay up, Mudscuffers.– Cara Dune

How can one be a coward if one chooses this way of life?– The Armorer

Our secrecy is our survival. Our survival is our strength.– The Armorer

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Moving fast is the only thing keeping me safe.– Din Dujardin

Think again, tin can.– Toro Caliban

Would anyone care for some tea?– IG- 11

Mandalorians are stronger together.– Bo- Katan Kryze

This is the Way.– The Armorer

There is only one way—the way of the Mandalore.– Bo- Katan Kryze

Watch what you’re doing up there! He barely trusts your kind. Do you want to give all droids a bad name?– Peli Motto

Let me have a warrior’s death.– Greef Karga

Mandalorian Quotes I Have Spoken


I can bring you in warm, or I can or in cold. — The Mandalorian

I was hoping to be free for Life Day, maybe even get home to the family…

I’m a Mandalorian. Weapons are part of my religion. — The Mandalorian

SOOGAA! — Jawas

This is the Way. — The Armorer

Stop touching things. — The Mandalorian

Bad news. You can’t live here anymore. — The Mandalorian

She’s no good to us dead. — The Mandalorian

Your name will be legendary. — Fennec Shand

That’s not saying much. — The Mandalorian

I’m in. — Cara Dune

Would anyone care for some tea? — IG-11

I would like to see the baby. — The Client

He just killed an officer for interrupting him.

It’s a Creed. — The Mandalorian

You are a clan of two. — The Armorer

Come on, baby! Do the magic hand thing. — Greef Karga

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