Most Famous 70+ O Brother Where Art Thou Quotes

O Brother Where Art Thou Quotes

O Brother, Where Art Thou? Quotes Regarding the Hunt for Ulysses’ Treasure There are a lot of O Brother, Where Art Thou Quotes that can lift your spirits when you’re feeling down and out and all you need is a little inspiration to get you out of your rut. These quotes can also make you laugh or even cry a little, which is exactly what these O Brother, Where Art Thou Quotes are there for.

The Coen Brothers, Joel, and Ethan were responsible for the direction, production, and co-editing of the 2000 film O Brother, Where Art Thou?

The drama-comedy is set in 1937, the year of the Great Depression. The Odyssey, an epic poem by Homer, is satirized in the movie.

The plot of the film centers on the pursuit of hidden wealth by three prison escapees named Pete Hogwallop (John Turturro), Delmar O’Donnell (Tim Blake Nelson), and Ulysses Everett McGill (George Clooney). In the year 2000, the movie was chosen as one of the nominees for the Cannes Film Festival. Additionally, it has received several nominations for the Academy Awards, including Best Cinematography and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Best O Brother Where Art Thou Quotes

Best O Brother Where Art Thou Quotes

Well, ain’t it a small world, spiritually speaking. Pete and Delmar have just been baptized and saved. I guess I’m the only one that remains unaffiliated. ― Ulysses Everett McGill.

It’s a fool that looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart. ― Ulysses Everett McGill.

Ulysses Everett McGill: It ain’t the law. Sheriff Cooley: The law? The law is a human institution. ― ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou ‘.

So you’re against me now too? Is that how it is boys? The whole world, God almighty, and now you. ― Ulysses Everett McGill.

We’re gonna see a brave new world where they run everybody a wire and hook us all up to a grid. ― Ulysses Everett McGill.

Ulysses: Why are you telling our gals that I was hit by a train? Penny: Lots of respectable people have been hit by trains. ― ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou.

Ulysses: Tommy, what you ridin’ there? Tommy Johnson: Uh… Roll-top desk! ― ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou.

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I was not hit by a train. Damnit, I am the paterfamilias! ― Ulysses Everett McGill.

Ulysses: Now Penny, stop that! Penny: No – you stop it! Vernon here’s got a job. Vernon’s got prospects. He’s bona fide! What’re you? ― ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou.

Ulysses: What’s his name. Wharvey Gal: Vernon T. Waldrip. Uncle Vernon. Till tomorrow. ― ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou.

Blind Seer: I have no name. Ulysses: Well, that right there may be the reason you’ve had difficulty findin’ gainful employment. ― ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou.

Well, as soon as we get ourselves cleaned up and we get a little smellum in our hair, why, we’re gonna feel 100% better about ourselves and about life in general. ― Ulysses Everett McGill.

Ulysses: I am the only daddy you got! I’m the damn paterfamilias. Wharvey: But you ain’t bonafide. ― ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou.

Opening Quote O Brother, Where Art Thou

Opening Quote O Brother, Where Art Thou

Makin’ money in the service of the Lord.

Where’s the happy little tire swing?

Delmar: You work for the railroad, Grampa?

Blind Seer: I work for no man.

You can have the whole thing. Me and Pete already had one apiece. We ran across a whole… gopher village.

You ain’t no kind of man if you ain’t got land.

Hey, mister! I don’t mean to be tellin’ tales out of school, but there’s a feller in there that’ll pay you ten dollars if you sing into his can.

Pete: You ruined my life! [while being choked]

Ulysses: I do apologize about that Pete.

My pa always said ‘Never trust a Hogwallop!’

Since we been followin’ your lead, we ain’t got nothing but trouble.

Ulysses: Ain’t you gonna introduce us, Pete?

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Pete: I don’t know their names. I seen ’em first!

Pete: I’ve always wondered, what’s the devil look like?

Tommy: He’s white, as white as you folks, with empty eyes and a big hollow voice. He likes to travel around with a mean old hound. That’s right.

Pete Hogwallop: The Preacher said it absolved us.

Ulysses Everett McGill: For him, not for the law. I’m surprised at you, Pete, I gave you credit for more brains than Delmar.

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou Quotes Paterfamilias

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou Quotes Paterfamilias

Wouldn’t we look like a bunch of Johnny-come-latelies, bragging on our own midget, doesn’t matter how stumpy. ― ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou ‘.

Pappy: I’m a forgive-and-forgettin’ Christian, and I say, if their rambunctiousness, and misdemeanoring, is behind them… It is, ain’t it, boys?

Ulysses: Uh, yes sir, it is. ― ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou ‘.

Pappy: Furthermore, in the second Pappy O’Daniel administration, these boys are gonna be my brain trust.

Delmar: What’s that mean?

Moral fiber? I invented moral fiber! Pappy O’Daniel was displaying rectitude and high-mindedness when that egghead you work for was still messing with his drawers.

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Looks like Homer Stokes is the kind of fellow who wants to cast the first stone.

I’m George Nelson, and I’m feeling ten feet tall!

I’m gonna go off like a Roman candle! Twenty thousand volts chasin’ the rabbit through yours truly! Gonna shoot sparks out the top of my head and lightning from my fingertips!

My name is George Nelson, get me? … George Nelson. Not ‘Babyface’. You remember, and you tell your friends. I’m George Nelson. Born to raise hell.

Jesus saves, and George Nelson withdraws!

Cows! I hate cows worse than coppers!

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou Quotes Blind Man

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou Quotes Blind Man

This band of miscreants, this very evening, interfered with a lynch mob in the performance of its duty. ― Homer Stokes.

Are you is, or is you ain’t, my constituency? ― Homer Stokes.

These boys are not white! These boys are not white! Hell, they ain’t even old-timey! ― Homer Stokes.

Those boys desecrated a burning cross! ― Homer Stokes.

The color guard is colored! ― Homer Stokes.

Though the road may wind, yea, your hearts grow weary still shall ye follow them, even unto your salvation. ― Blind Seer.

Big Dan: Thank you boys for throwin’ in that fricassee. I’m a man of large appetite, and even with lunch under my belt, I was feelin’ a mite peckish.

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Ulysses: It’s our pleasure, Big Dan. ― ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou ‘.

The only good thing you ever did for the gals was get hit by that train! ― Penny Wharvey McGill.

You seek a great fortune, you three who are now in chains. You will find a fortune, though it will not be the one you seek. ― Blind Seer.

Aintcha gonna press the flesh, Pappy, do a little politickin’? ― Junior O’Daniel.

O Brother Where Art Thou Funny Scenes

O Brother Where Art Thou Funny Scenes

Ulysses: Well, you lying… unconstant… a succubus.

Vernon T. Waldrip: Whoa, whoa, whoa! You can’t swear at my fiancé.

Ulysses: Oh, yeah? Well, you can’t marry my wife. ― ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou ‘.

Ulysses: Jesus! Can I count on you people? Delmar: Sorry, Everett. ― ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou ‘.

Ulysses: What’d the devil give you for your soul, Tommy?

Tommy Johnson: Well, he taught me to play this here guitar real good.

Delmar: Oh son, for that you sold your everlasting soul?

Tommy Johnson: Well, I wasn’t usin’ it. ― ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou ‘.

Ulysses: I’m not sure that’s Pete. Delmar: Of course it’s Pete! Look at him… We gotta find some kind of wizard to change him back. ― ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou.

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Never trust a female, Delmar, remember that one simple precept and your time with me will not have been ill-spent. ― Ulysses Everett McGill.

Believe me, Delmar, a woman is the most fiendish instrument of torture ever devised to bedevil the days of man. ― Ulysses Everett McGill.

Me an’ the old lady are gonna pick up the pieces and retie the knot, mixaphorically speaking. ― Ulysses Everett McGill.

Penny: I’ve spoken my piece and counted to three. Ulysses: She counted to three. Goddamit! She counted to three. ― ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou ‘.