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Everyone has heard of the saying ‘counting sheep’ when they can’t get to sleep. But have you ever heard of counting babies? Well, it turns

Best 60+ Funny Book Quotes About Reading

Everyone loves funny books because funny books make people laugh. It is a reality that world is funny; funny things happen to funny people, and

Best Funny God Quotes and Sayings

Why do we as a society fixate on such an improbable concept as God? We all share the same biological and cognitive needs for food,

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In most religions, hell is life after death. It is a place of torture where people get punished for their sins. The religions that believe

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It’s Sunday morning. Your alarm goes off, you hit snooze, get out of bed and put your slippers on. However, once you walk downstairs instead

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  First off let’s define the word “paradox“. “A paradox is a statement that seems self-contradictory or absurd but may contain a latent truth.” This

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Do you know what the actual meaning of peace is? If you don’t know then let me explain it to you. Peace means complete freedom

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Football gives diversion in a wide range of ways on the pitch, and there are some entertaining stories off it also. They say football is

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See, everyone loves to have a good time and partake in some hilarious and exciting silly captions. Need some best funny inscription for girls to

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Basketball has a past filled with extraordinary characters. Regardless of whether they are generally loved by all or are disputable, incredible basketball minds have a

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It is a bitter truth that too many people ignore turning 40. It is because too many people think that the age of forty is

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These funny wall decal quotes are quite easy to use and remove. Not only this you can conveniently change your inner house decals a few
Funny Quotes Easter

50+ Funny Quotes Easter

Easter is the most famous and oldest festival of Christians. This festival is celebrated for the resurrection of Christ. This festival is held in the

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According to health experts, walking is the best activity for every person to stay fit and healthy. But the main thing is that it is
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Gambling is any activity or game in which people risk any kind of valuable objects or money. Which is most common is card game, sports
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30+ Online Funny Don’t Stress Quotes

Stress is a feeling which is naturally processed where one cannot manage the specific events and demands. If a person is not able to overcome
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30+ Best Funny Stewie Quotes

Stewie is the year-old infant of Lois Griffin and Peter. Physically he is a young boy and mentally he was much older. He has a
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50+ Funny Quotes About Losing A Game

Losing a game is not bad. After many hardships and difficulties, people will win. From the problems and mistakes, a person may learn. It is
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40+ Best Funny Quotes About Fear

Fear is a powerful and natural process. It is associated with biochemical responses as well as emotional responses. When any kind of threat or danger
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Jazz is an African-American-based musical genre in the late 19th century and earlier 20th century. In traditional and in popular music, it is a major